Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ESPN's Politics Losing Viewers

Zero Hedge published an essay that discusses the decline of ESPN's viewership. It strikes at the heart of what I write here: ESPN is so left now in how and what they report that it is a turn off. Sports are no longer a man's refuge. Sports are no longer a section of the paper that does not have political shit stuffed in. This is an effect of the progressive drive to politicize everything. They will reach you to brainwash you about whatever the Left's wants at any moment.

Questioning why blacks fail in school and are dysfunctional in many social ways? Here's Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick to show you how they are the next Tom Brady.

Think feminisim is a bunch of hogwash by angry, ugly women? Look at these awesome female athletes and all of these sports savvy women reporting!

Have a sneaking suspicion gay men are different and not manly? Michael Sam, Michael Sam, Michael Sam.

You think trans people are trannies? Well, here is Caitlyn Jenner to speak for nearly half an hour at an awards show for her courageous choice to transition.

No one can be left alone to their own thoughts in progressive America. The power you have is to change the channel.

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