Friday, October 30, 2015

ESPN Replaces Schilling

Curt Schilling committed the sin of comparing Islamic jihadis to Nazis. Go figure, he dared to be cautious of people trying to downplay the Muslim menace. See only a few Muslims are jihadists so there is nothing to worry about. This is a lie. Look at survey results that show the real Muslim on the street. Not too different from ISIS. Schilling was suspended for the rest of the season. His replacement? Jessica Mendoza.

Think of the synergies here. The ESPN folks hit progressive bingo. They now have a woman with a Hispanic name in the booth calling baseball games. Doesn't this destroy the conceit in the broadcasting set up where the booth has the normal joe who does play-by-play who also has a former player there to give the common man the window into the athletes' minds. This is wrecked by using a female who played softball. Maybe she is a wise Latina like our Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor.

Isn't it bad enough that every sideline reporter is a woman? Aren't we subjected to telegenic reporters hired for their looks first and then ability to hold a microphone second and way down at 12th on the list journalism skills? Do we need this in the booth? Play by play might be acceptable, but color commentary? If we have to listen to someone tell us what we see and already can assume due to the situation, why not have it be an old pro? Think of the pros, so many of them are bankrupt.

Schilling should have seen this coming. He has made the horrible error of being an athlete and openly supporting anyone to the right of Bill Clinton. Sorry Schill, you may have ended the curse, but you committed the sin of political heresy. Will ESPN punish Tony Kornheiser for comparing the Tea Party to ISIS? Come on, man, you ain't a rookie anymore.

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