Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jenner at the ESPYs

Bruce Jenner put on his dress, wore his hair long and accepted the Arthur Ashe Award for courage at the ESPYs. Jenner, dressed as his alter ego Caitlyn, accepted the award and spent 25 minutes talking about courage, coming to grips with one's deviant sexuality and other crap about tolerance or acceptance. This was picked up on the news cycle as so wonderful and stupendous. This is a joke.

The ESPYs are a joke as ESPN tries to deseprately pull sports up to the level of Hollywood with an awards show. ESPN is a joke as it has gone from sports news reporting and carrying events to full blown owner of leagues through television contracts. ESPN has become the premier delivery system of spreading social justice, left wing views and degeneracy to American men. Whereas sports was formerly a refuge from overt and deliberate ramming of leftist propaganda at every single game, sports in the ESPN era have become ideologically infused for your consumption.

Trans*, give me a break ESPN. After hearing for decades that 10% of the population is gay only to find out 2-3% of the population is gay, any number attached to trans* people is suspect. If gays make up 2-3% of the population, then we can be confident, trans* make up less than 1%. Shoving trans* acceptance on your viewers is a joke. Giving trans* MMA fighters a platform to speak through their personal friends, sorry, reporters after tip toeing around South African female sprinters who look a bit funny and avoid tests and Brittney Griner's odd life (she also dodged the Olympics, hmmm) is a bit ridiculous.

ESPN has accelerated the acceptance circus though as for years ESPN downplayed any lesbian in sports while desperately searching for the first gay male professional athlete. Carl Lewis must not have counted despite being one of the greatest Olympians of all time and uhhh, a bit unusual. They found one and then coaxed out another. No one asked about lesbian soccer player Megan Rapinoe about acceptance and tolerance despite her open homosexuality because we all know lesbians like sports. The subversive shock is not there since it confirms a stereotype. Weird, but the edge is to push gays as "Just Like US!" not "Clearly Something Is Abnormal For Women To Pretend To Be Men!". Gay men being super butch to play football fits The Narrative.

This is where ESPN is now. It is a compromised provider of sports and "news". It has financial problems on the horizon. It faces a culture of cable cord cutting and the prospect of leagues creating their own direct to consumer streamign services or channels (think WWE). Does the SEC, NBA or NCAA need ESPN if everyone can get an app and pay a monthly fee for all games? What does ESPN bring to the table? Marketing and sizzle, sure, but the NFL can provide all of that and hide all of the player arrests in the offseason that hurt marginal viewer and consumer engagement. Maybe this explains the head first dive into progressive politics. Maybe ESPN needs a differentiator. Maybe ESPN needs a way to pay off the progressive SJW foot soldiers and leftist cultural tastmakers so that they can be the chattering class approved gatekeeper for sports and not the NBA, SEC, Pac 12, or NFL streaming channel.