Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Grayson Allen + Crafting Anti-White Bias

The Duke-Wisconsin national title game was a tremendous game with lots of lead changes. As someone who enjoys watching a competitive game, this one was a nailbiter to the end. One unexpected hero was Grayson Allen. Allen is a freshman who was a rotation guy that did not get a lot of playing time and focus on the talented Duke squad, but showed flashes of brilliance during the year. The Final Four was where he shined, and yet this allowed the media to sharpen their anti-Gentile knives. Steve Sailer has already spotlighted the Michael Weinreb near diatribe against Mr. Grayson, but this was helped with ESPN's Grantland adding in the "a new ubervillain" butter to Grayson. This is a wonderful way for the media to continue their "Duke = Privileged, Evil Whites" message, using a teenager who is not what they actually want him to be in the process.

Sailer cites Mr. Weinreb's despicable article with the comical comparison that Grayson Allen is the Haven Monahan of Rolling Stone's UVA Rape Hoax article. It is the same mold; the same successful white male Christian winner that is the symbolic hate figure for the left's coalition of losers. Grantland jumped on this with some Allen is hateable but awesome writing. It is interesting because of how stupid it reads.

I was wary at first. There are already too many people telling me to like this Duke team, and here was a throwback to the ├╝ber-villains of the past. Not hating Allen seemed like a bridge too far. You had that Adam Banks, cake-eater cockiness, the 3s … even the name was perfect. “Grayson Allen” sounds like someone from a Bret Easton Ellis novel. The Internet was ready with memes the second he took the floor. Finally, we had a player to despise.
But Joffrey Jordan just wouldn’t stop attacking. He won me over.
It’s actually perfect that he looked like all the players most of America has hated for the past 20 years. Between Jones, Winslow, and Quinn Cook, this was the least-hatable group of Duke stars we’ve ever seen. Then came the final game, when we finally saw the cocky face of all Duke teams past … and by the end, even Grayson Allen was awesome.
This is pretty revealing because first, the idea of Allen being a 3 point shooter is fantastic since that is associated with white players. Did you know Grayson Allen won the 2014 McDonald's All America dunk contest? No, well that might hurt the Allen is uberwhite narrative. Allen had the play of the Final Four round with his dunk put back on Saturday night. The video below shows it in its "above da rim" glory. 

Second, this Grantland writer admits Allen looks like all of the most hated players in Duke's history. Why does he look like them? What is the most common feature of those players? Their whiteness. Even funnier is that the writer says this was the least-hateable group of Duke stars and lists these three  men. That is a trio of black men... why are they not hateable? Even mentioning the name Grayson Allen as sounding Bret Easton Ellis-esque implies a WASP connection. Amazing no one would make the Grayson Allen is a sidekick like Dick Grayson (Robin, Batman's sidekick) for name association.

The extra frustrating part of the obvious, "Hey new white guy to paint as evil and hate" message is that ESPn just did a 30 for 30 movie on Christian Laettner and explicitly made mention of his whiteness being a factor. In that flick, we heard black was becoming cool as was hip hop in the '90s, and Laettner was seen as a privileged white. Now this ran counter to reality with Laettner who grew up working or middle class. The ESPN guys also tip toed around who exactly made hip hop cool and urban blackness cool. Who exactly reported on Laettner, crafting the privileged idea? Could it be... the media?

This is where we get a resfresher for the Duke is bad, white and privileged meme. Weinreb mentions the high school Allen went to, Providence School. It sounds bad, grr, but hey imagine a kid coming from Yeshiva High, Weinreb, would you hate that privilege? The added comedy is these sports writers, especially whiny Jewish guys for Rolling Stone do not understand how some of those schools form. Some are explicitly aimed at creating sports machines. Look at Providence's history, which is under 20 years old, yet they have multiple state championships in sports. In Indianapolis, there is a Christian school like this, and they have a pro-sports bent. Grayson Allen becomes privileged just by going to these institutions and being pale with straight hair.

Now is this disgusting on the media and sports media's part? Yes. It is horrific because if Grayson Allen were tan or had kinky hair, throwing down those dunks as a teenager would be lovable. Instead Allen will get hate and grief from fans. It doesn't have to be that way, but the media loves a tailor made villain for their progressive messaging. How do I know fans would love Allen for his play and not turn Allen into an object to growl at? Look at the Vine below. Allen nails a windmill dunk as a high school senior at an all star game. Check out the skin color of the fans losing it after that monster jam. Asian, black or white, fans would love a guy who throws it down like that, but haters gonna hate who the media tells them to.