Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grantland Shining Its SJW Credentials

Grantland is Sports for SWPLs, but recently they've moved leftward as Sports for SJWs. Yes, they are social justice warriors and care about sports. Not really. For a site supposedly dedicated to bringing back long form journalism, the pieces are still flighty and protect The Narrative. A recent laughter was the interview they did with trans* athlete Fallon Fox. This is not sports reporting. This is SJW propaganda and activism. The cause is trans, and the activism is acceptance and promotion. 

Fox was a man, had a sex change and now is a woman. As a woman, he wants to compete in MMA fights against women. Now in regular human world, he'd be laughed at and then politely declined. In our weird world, Fox has had a few fights, but UFC has not called her. The interview starts with pushing the "why won't UFC sign you" line, which leads to discussion of how they might not be accepting and it is BS man. Ther eis bizarro talk of the "transition" and how Fox really is a woman, not just a guy who hacked off his junk. Fox tries to deny that there is any advantage to being a trans woman who would compete against ciswomen (this is ridiculous), but then goes on to talk about how fast she is. Remember, no advantage folks. 

There is a lot of talk about the sexism and the promotional side of the business possibly discriminating against her and other butch fights. The great unspoken: this is prison culture. This type of fighting is prison fighting. Why are they promoting this for women in any way, shape or form? I liked the old UFC, and even today, it is cool because you can train for months, but one kick or punch and it's over. A huge help UFC received was the corruption of boxing. While the great American heavyweight died with Tyson's career, boxing also became so corrupt that people hated it. The middle and light weight matches were fun, but without the pull of a great heavyweight division or charismatic champ, boxing lost an edge. UFC and the MMA culture filled that void. 

Something that is a bit quirky for this situation is Grantland itself and the journalist. Grantland did a long form essay on a trans* golf putter designer and received a huge media shit storm for "outing" that person who eventually committed suicide. Grantland ended up scourging itself publicly with apologies from multiple people. How much of this interview is a make up to that LGBT community? The journalist mentions being a friend of Fallon Fox, so we do know the objectivity here. There is none. If people worry about reporters becoming cozy with subjects for access journalism, what do we make of the journalist already being friends with the subject? Pitiful.

It is still a piece of prison culture from the ring presentation to the style. These men (and women) are master technicians and in great shape. It's still a sick sign of what we have exported out of our prisons. Now why would anyone pay to see two women do that? On top of this, how fast do we have to devolve where the largest sports media organ in the US is pushing for a trans* fighter to be allowed to fight? Broken down to its core, the SJWs at Grantland want to see a man who mutilated his body and took hormones to feel like a woman to be allowed to pummel women. That is not sports journalism. That is writing for the social cause du jour. I'll pass because if I wanted to read about trans* people being super cool and "just like us", I would watch Hollywood garbage.