Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Missouri Football Helps Oust Missouri President

The Missouri football team, not the whole team but some of the black players, said they would sit out games if the president did not resign due to random race incidents that supposedly took place on campus. If you know sports you have seen this on the news, and I will not link to anyone to give shitlib sports writers clicks. This is horseshit and only made worse by underlying facts about the university.

The university should have stripped them of their scholarships, and used the plethora of backups they have to get by for one game. They could have suspended the coach for one game without pay for the obvious conduct provisions within his contract. We will see how fast those ath-o-letes would back down and join the fold once they were facing tuition and room & board costs. It would take a week. Student-athletes live off their compensation programs, which are not just scholarships but food perks that normal students do not get. The frustrating thing is the set of facts about this program that make this even dumber.

1. The Missouri football program has no moral authority whatsoever. Just last year VICE did an expose on their prolific ability to rape, sorry, be accused of rape on campus. The administration covers for them. The administration covers for a lot of crime these players commit.
2. The Missouri football team does earn revenue for the school, and does owe the school $16.2 million that they start repaying next year. The key to their good revenues is their membership in the SEC. Not how they play, pure membership due to the television contracts.
3. No one gives a shit about individual college players except a hand few of marketable players. This is laundry people cheer for and an alma mater for their fans.

This is silly season as the university could have put their foot down easily. They have 99 players on their roster. Unfortunately, these administrators did not since they are of the generation that started the stupid student protest shenanigans. These administrators must feel like chumps though for covering for these criminals for years as those same criminals turn on them.

This is just the latest chapter in prog ideology infecting sports. Players could have stayed out of it. Players could have been a voice of reason like when Detroit Tigers tried to stop the riots in Detroit in the '60s. Instead, they are used as a tool by progressives, just like the rest of sports broadcasting has become. No one waits to see if the incidents (poop smears into a backwards swastika) are real or not, but a head must roll. Tim Wolfe will find a new administrator job elsewhere, and the players will go on to live middling lives (except the few that make it in the NFL).

People might call Wolfe a coward for resigning, but that is his role. Universities are the seminaries of the progressive world. If he properly handled this, he'd be a bad guy for defeating these twerps. The president's role is not to help foster learning, but to help indoctrinate youths. His role is to resign and show that this mob rule is right. The entire play has to end with a progressive win. The progs across America at other universities have to see it works. This way they can repeat it and keep every single student politically engaged. There is the most important election in the history of the world in 11 months. Gotta crank up turnout as high as possible with old dinosaur Clinton at the head of the ballot.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ESPN's Politics Losing Viewers

Zero Hedge published an essay that discusses the decline of ESPN's viewership. It strikes at the heart of what I write here: ESPN is so left now in how and what they report that it is a turn off. Sports are no longer a man's refuge. Sports are no longer a section of the paper that does not have political shit stuffed in. This is an effect of the progressive drive to politicize everything. They will reach you to brainwash you about whatever the Left's wants at any moment.

Questioning why blacks fail in school and are dysfunctional in many social ways? Here's Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick to show you how they are the next Tom Brady.

Think feminisim is a bunch of hogwash by angry, ugly women? Look at these awesome female athletes and all of these sports savvy women reporting!

Have a sneaking suspicion gay men are different and not manly? Michael Sam, Michael Sam, Michael Sam.

You think trans people are trannies? Well, here is Caitlyn Jenner to speak for nearly half an hour at an awards show for her courageous choice to transition.

No one can be left alone to their own thoughts in progressive America. The power you have is to change the channel.

Friday, October 30, 2015

ESPN Replaces Schilling

Curt Schilling committed the sin of comparing Islamic jihadis to Nazis. Go figure, he dared to be cautious of people trying to downplay the Muslim menace. See only a few Muslims are jihadists so there is nothing to worry about. This is a lie. Look at survey results that show the real Muslim on the street. Not too different from ISIS. Schilling was suspended for the rest of the season. His replacement? Jessica Mendoza.

Think of the synergies here. The ESPN folks hit progressive bingo. They now have a woman with a Hispanic name in the booth calling baseball games. Doesn't this destroy the conceit in the broadcasting set up where the booth has the normal joe who does play-by-play who also has a former player there to give the common man the window into the athletes' minds. This is wrecked by using a female who played softball. Maybe she is a wise Latina like our Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor.

Isn't it bad enough that every sideline reporter is a woman? Aren't we subjected to telegenic reporters hired for their looks first and then ability to hold a microphone second and way down at 12th on the list journalism skills? Do we need this in the booth? Play by play might be acceptable, but color commentary? If we have to listen to someone tell us what we see and already can assume due to the situation, why not have it be an old pro? Think of the pros, so many of them are bankrupt.

Schilling should have seen this coming. He has made the horrible error of being an athlete and openly supporting anyone to the right of Bill Clinton. Sorry Schill, you may have ended the curse, but you committed the sin of political heresy. Will ESPN punish Tony Kornheiser for comparing the Tea Party to ISIS? Come on, man, you ain't a rookie anymore.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jenner at the ESPYs

Bruce Jenner put on his dress, wore his hair long and accepted the Arthur Ashe Award for courage at the ESPYs. Jenner, dressed as his alter ego Caitlyn, accepted the award and spent 25 minutes talking about courage, coming to grips with one's deviant sexuality and other crap about tolerance or acceptance. This was picked up on the news cycle as so wonderful and stupendous. This is a joke.

The ESPYs are a joke as ESPN tries to deseprately pull sports up to the level of Hollywood with an awards show. ESPN is a joke as it has gone from sports news reporting and carrying events to full blown owner of leagues through television contracts. ESPN has become the premier delivery system of spreading social justice, left wing views and degeneracy to American men. Whereas sports was formerly a refuge from overt and deliberate ramming of leftist propaganda at every single game, sports in the ESPN era have become ideologically infused for your consumption.

Trans*, give me a break ESPN. After hearing for decades that 10% of the population is gay only to find out 2-3% of the population is gay, any number attached to trans* people is suspect. If gays make up 2-3% of the population, then we can be confident, trans* make up less than 1%. Shoving trans* acceptance on your viewers is a joke. Giving trans* MMA fighters a platform to speak through their personal friends, sorry, reporters after tip toeing around South African female sprinters who look a bit funny and avoid tests and Brittney Griner's odd life (she also dodged the Olympics, hmmm) is a bit ridiculous.

ESPN has accelerated the acceptance circus though as for years ESPN downplayed any lesbian in sports while desperately searching for the first gay male professional athlete. Carl Lewis must not have counted despite being one of the greatest Olympians of all time and uhhh, a bit unusual. They found one and then coaxed out another. No one asked about lesbian soccer player Megan Rapinoe about acceptance and tolerance despite her open homosexuality because we all know lesbians like sports. The subversive shock is not there since it confirms a stereotype. Weird, but the edge is to push gays as "Just Like US!" not "Clearly Something Is Abnormal For Women To Pretend To Be Men!". Gay men being super butch to play football fits The Narrative.

This is where ESPN is now. It is a compromised provider of sports and "news". It has financial problems on the horizon. It faces a culture of cable cord cutting and the prospect of leagues creating their own direct to consumer streamign services or channels (think WWE). Does the SEC, NBA or NCAA need ESPN if everyone can get an app and pay a monthly fee for all games? What does ESPN bring to the table? Marketing and sizzle, sure, but the NFL can provide all of that and hide all of the player arrests in the offseason that hurt marginal viewer and consumer engagement. Maybe this explains the head first dive into progressive politics. Maybe ESPN needs a differentiator. Maybe ESPN needs a way to pay off the progressive SJW foot soldiers and leftist cultural tastmakers so that they can be the chattering class approved gatekeeper for sports and not the NBA, SEC, Pac 12, or NFL streaming channel.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Simmons Departing ESPN

This is a guest post by Twitter altright personality @klejdys. My additional sniping is in blue.

“I still feel like I have five years left, where I can work at this pace. In five years I’m going to be 50, and I don’t know how hard I’m going to be able to work. I know how hard I work now. I don’t know if it’s going to be sustainable.

I think they take it for granted. Not just how hard I work, but how hard everybody works.” – Bill Simmons, re: his contract and position at ESPN, SXSW, March 2015.

It’s always been rumored that Simmons would pull up stakes and leave ESPN, but after 5 years of relative peace and quiet, his suspension for his (unsourced) allegations against Roger Goodell apparently was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He’s leaving ESPN. All of those columns. Grantland. 30 for 30. He leaves with nothing. A lot like the Cardinals with Albert Pujols, I am sure a competitive offer has been made, but ESPN probably not wrong in thinking the big ESPN machine can roll on without him. The fans, they will understand.

But what’s in it for Simmons? Why would he leave? [ed: Because he is a spoiled brat Masshole who pretends to be middle class and is never fucking happy with life]

First off, I think he’s got another book or two in him. He already likely has enough “eff you” money to tell ESPN to shove off. [Simmons was making $5 mil per year the last few years] Second, it appears although he’s had a ton of fun, he’s burned the candle down pretty far. [One weekly essay, gimme a break] It’s a testament to him that leaves a legacy of content and organization behind him. I really thought he’d be there forever. But working for the man when you're the man still likely rubs him the wrong way. Most likely, he has an alternative plan in place. I am very curious to see what that is.
I contacted a friend in the media about this. He was the same guy stunned by Nate Silver taking Disney's bag of money to leave the NY Times. Simmons has a ton of options. Simmons likely has the scratch and brand to pull in venture capital money and start up his own sports news and commentary site that does a little of everything that Grantland did but without Disney-ESPN rules. He could set up a simple site with a few regulars and take advantage of the low cost of production now to crank out a documentary or three for HBO. Fox also needs someone to boost the struggling Fox Sports One, so some type of deal with them could be in the works. Even if he has a book or two in him, he needs the non-stop advertising platform for his new books and the backing of a media entity to get access to players, coaches etc. to make his new venture, whatever it is, work.

But the real issue to me is the financial realities of Grantland didn’t live up to the cultural impact the site has had. [the Mad Men-Girls effect] Recall, Sports on Earth (SoE) had a murderer’s row of writers. The site lasted 18 months before MLB Advanced Media decimated the site. My guess? The costs weren’t worth the clicks they were getting. Culturally, among the chattering classes, Grantland is SWPL manna; great writers like Keri, Lindbergh and Lowe are the best in the business and combining narrative with analytics. Barnwell isn’t the best in his field, but for a skin eater he’s not completely horrible. It helps he writes on the NFL, which is why he probably leads the site in clicks (my guess).
But Simmons had to support that meat with a bunch of diversity hires, including writers like Serrano, Rembert, Katie Baker and others that are at best spare parts. Wesley Morris and Alex Pappademas are good on movies & culture [I preferred Greenwald]; netw3rk and Sean McIndoe are excellent staff writers on hoop and hockey, respectively. Hyden not bad on music. [Loser] Bryan Curtis is also a fine writer…but we still have to pay Dave Jacoby AND Jalen Rose. [Jalen never met an educated black he didn't hate and call an Uncle Tom] Don't forget about Charlie Pierce! [Masshole] In any case, that’s a lot of folks – and I am likely leaving all the support staff out! It’s likely quite expensive to run Grantland. And it wasn’t providing the revenue to support continued expansion, just like SoE. A hundred podcasts a year, generating millions in revenue is not going to cut it (or whatever they get from Subway and Stamps.com) to support the expenses of the site when it likely doesn’t deliver massive numbers of clicks. Without knowing the numbers, but understanding the gist, I’d argue Bill Simmons as indie film director, didn’t get the budget numbers he needed to make his next project. So he walked.

ESPN is in the business of buying programming and then selling ads around it. Grantland is a very small part of that model despite its outsized influence on the chattering classes who follow the sports scene. It’s even smaller considering the size of the multinational corporation that owns it (Disney). Grantland and 30 for 30 do not come close to bringing in the revenue the sports and other televised content does. Someday (like that Hispanic electoral title wave!), it might. [2028?] But for now it doesn’t. And ESPN gets all of Simmons’ architecture, just like the Cardinals got all of those titles, HRs and RBIs for Pujols before he left. They got the best of him, mostly at below market prices, just like ESPN got the best of Simmons. Time for Simmons to cash in.
An interesting lesson in all of this is that Simmons went for a SWPL manna, long form journalism site in an era of clickbait. Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias have created a junk food news site for White Millenials that is 99% clickbait, and it is doing well. It is not what they intended, nor is it what they sold the site as initially, but it is the end result of what the journalism market has pushed everyone into doing. Grantland probably could have succeeded from a financial standpoint had it tackled the sports and pop culture sector in a clickbait foundation that had a handful of great longform writers and specific sports reporters like Keri and Lowe. Grantland will probably fold up within a year as talent leaves, but if it is to survive, going clickbait tabloid with few fantastic deep dive writers will save it. Simmons cashed in years ago when he signed with ESPN. The money he makes now is just building dynastic wealth for his grandchildren.

Note: The best football writer is Mike Tanier at Bleacher Report. B/R publishes the number of clicks, or reads, on its articles. Tanier gets around 100k per piece.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Grayson Allen + Crafting Anti-White Bias

The Duke-Wisconsin national title game was a tremendous game with lots of lead changes. As someone who enjoys watching a competitive game, this one was a nailbiter to the end. One unexpected hero was Grayson Allen. Allen is a freshman who was a rotation guy that did not get a lot of playing time and focus on the talented Duke squad, but showed flashes of brilliance during the year. The Final Four was where he shined, and yet this allowed the media to sharpen their anti-Gentile knives. Steve Sailer has already spotlighted the Michael Weinreb near diatribe against Mr. Grayson, but this was helped with ESPN's Grantland adding in the "a new ubervillain" butter to Grayson. This is a wonderful way for the media to continue their "Duke = Privileged, Evil Whites" message, using a teenager who is not what they actually want him to be in the process.

Sailer cites Mr. Weinreb's despicable article with the comical comparison that Grayson Allen is the Haven Monahan of Rolling Stone's UVA Rape Hoax article. It is the same mold; the same successful white male Christian winner that is the symbolic hate figure for the left's coalition of losers. Grantland jumped on this with some Allen is hateable but awesome writing. It is interesting because of how stupid it reads.

I was wary at first. There are already too many people telling me to like this Duke team, and here was a throwback to the ├╝ber-villains of the past. Not hating Allen seemed like a bridge too far. You had that Adam Banks, cake-eater cockiness, the 3s … even the name was perfect. “Grayson Allen” sounds like someone from a Bret Easton Ellis novel. The Internet was ready with memes the second he took the floor. Finally, we had a player to despise.
But Joffrey Jordan just wouldn’t stop attacking. He won me over.
It’s actually perfect that he looked like all the players most of America has hated for the past 20 years. Between Jones, Winslow, and Quinn Cook, this was the least-hatable group of Duke stars we’ve ever seen. Then came the final game, when we finally saw the cocky face of all Duke teams past … and by the end, even Grayson Allen was awesome.
This is pretty revealing because first, the idea of Allen being a 3 point shooter is fantastic since that is associated with white players. Did you know Grayson Allen won the 2014 McDonald's All America dunk contest? No, well that might hurt the Allen is uberwhite narrative. Allen had the play of the Final Four round with his dunk put back on Saturday night. The video below shows it in its "above da rim" glory. 

Second, this Grantland writer admits Allen looks like all of the most hated players in Duke's history. Why does he look like them? What is the most common feature of those players? Their whiteness. Even funnier is that the writer says this was the least-hateable group of Duke stars and lists these three  men. That is a trio of black men... why are they not hateable? Even mentioning the name Grayson Allen as sounding Bret Easton Ellis-esque implies a WASP connection. Amazing no one would make the Grayson Allen is a sidekick like Dick Grayson (Robin, Batman's sidekick) for name association.

The extra frustrating part of the obvious, "Hey new white guy to paint as evil and hate" message is that ESPn just did a 30 for 30 movie on Christian Laettner and explicitly made mention of his whiteness being a factor. In that flick, we heard black was becoming cool as was hip hop in the '90s, and Laettner was seen as a privileged white. Now this ran counter to reality with Laettner who grew up working or middle class. The ESPN guys also tip toed around who exactly made hip hop cool and urban blackness cool. Who exactly reported on Laettner, crafting the privileged idea? Could it be... the media?

This is where we get a resfresher for the Duke is bad, white and privileged meme. Weinreb mentions the high school Allen went to, Providence School. It sounds bad, grr, but hey imagine a kid coming from Yeshiva High, Weinreb, would you hate that privilege? The added comedy is these sports writers, especially whiny Jewish guys for Rolling Stone do not understand how some of those schools form. Some are explicitly aimed at creating sports machines. Look at Providence's history, which is under 20 years old, yet they have multiple state championships in sports. In Indianapolis, there is a Christian school like this, and they have a pro-sports bent. Grayson Allen becomes privileged just by going to these institutions and being pale with straight hair.

Now is this disgusting on the media and sports media's part? Yes. It is horrific because if Grayson Allen were tan or had kinky hair, throwing down those dunks as a teenager would be lovable. Instead Allen will get hate and grief from fans. It doesn't have to be that way, but the media loves a tailor made villain for their progressive messaging. How do I know fans would love Allen for his play and not turn Allen into an object to growl at? Look at the Vine below. Allen nails a windmill dunk as a high school senior at an all star game. Check out the skin color of the fans losing it after that monster jam. Asian, black or white, fans would love a guy who throws it down like that, but haters gonna hate who the media tells them to.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Michael Sam Skeptics Proven Right

Michael Sam's career went as follows. OMG this guy can play and he is gay, woohoo, so courageous. His appearance at the combine generated more buzz and attention than any incoming rookie in the history of the combine. He was drafted very late (grrr, homophobes!) and then was cut before the regular season started. He never hit the field. One concern, and this was something the media pshawed was the circus that would surround the first openly gay player. There were locker room concerns, but the rest of the world was a concern. Looking at Sam's post-playing career, this has confirmed every fear NFL general managers' held. 

Even before training camp began, the problems set in for Sam's media personality. Sam was rumored to have a reality show crew setting up to follow him while he played. He decided to stop that from happening. Why the show? Because he was gay, and the media wanted to spotlight him. Sam eventually got engaged to his boyfriend. Where did he propose? At the Vatican. This was a news blurb. They called him an NFL player when he proposed, but he never played in the NFL. The media wanted to tell you about this gay NFL player getting engaged ("Just like us!"). No one cared. The latest is that Sam will appear on Dancing with the Stars. Who makes him a star? The media, and for what? he never played in the regular season. With this appearance, he must have given up on trying to make it. He has embraced the limelight and attention that the 24/7 celebrity media can offer. 

Let's stop for a moment to ponder that ESPN is owned by Disney. Disney also owns ABC. ABC airs Dancing with the Stars. Ultimately, ESPN has promoting this guy who could not cut it and despite his retirement, the Disney sports platforms kept mentioning him in news blurbs. Now he is on another Disney platform as a former NFL player for Dancing with the Stars. This now calls into question coverage of Michael Sam for useless throw away moments as if it might not have been human interest but more promotion for when they knew they would use him later. If he loses, it will be a blow to stereotypes for blacks and gays as both black men and gay men are viewed as good dancers.

This is exactly what the NFL GMs and coaches feared. It was not that Sam couldn't play, which was proven in training camp, but that his value as a player came with a host of negatives along with it. If a superstar, Hall of Fame talent like Randy Moss can drop in the draft for a couple of weird incidents in high school and college, a marginal lineman who will carry tons of baggage can drop. A player has a ton of inputs that go into his overall value. On top of the 40 time, strength, hours of prior play on film, and Wonderlic score, the players are all interviewed and have their medical records from childhood on evaluated. The other thing is character, off the field risks, and Sam's homosexuality did matter. Not just how the weird shower thing he had to do in Training Camp, waiting for everyone else to be done, but the media baggage. The media exacerbated this in the effort to find a gay guy who doesn't act like every other gay guy in America. They created a circus for his life, and proved every Sam doubter right. Did he want the NFL enough? The first time they show him ballroom dancing and not working out to make a team for next season, we'll know he did not. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grantland Shining Its SJW Credentials

Grantland is Sports for SWPLs, but recently they've moved leftward as Sports for SJWs. Yes, they are social justice warriors and care about sports. Not really. For a site supposedly dedicated to bringing back long form journalism, the pieces are still flighty and protect The Narrative. A recent laughter was the interview they did with trans* athlete Fallon Fox. This is not sports reporting. This is SJW propaganda and activism. The cause is trans, and the activism is acceptance and promotion. 

Fox was a man, had a sex change and now is a woman. As a woman, he wants to compete in MMA fights against women. Now in regular human world, he'd be laughed at and then politely declined. In our weird world, Fox has had a few fights, but UFC has not called her. The interview starts with pushing the "why won't UFC sign you" line, which leads to discussion of how they might not be accepting and it is BS man. Ther eis bizarro talk of the "transition" and how Fox really is a woman, not just a guy who hacked off his junk. Fox tries to deny that there is any advantage to being a trans woman who would compete against ciswomen (this is ridiculous), but then goes on to talk about how fast she is. Remember, no advantage folks. 

There is a lot of talk about the sexism and the promotional side of the business possibly discriminating against her and other butch fights. The great unspoken: this is prison culture. This type of fighting is prison fighting. Why are they promoting this for women in any way, shape or form? I liked the old UFC, and even today, it is cool because you can train for months, but one kick or punch and it's over. A huge help UFC received was the corruption of boxing. While the great American heavyweight died with Tyson's career, boxing also became so corrupt that people hated it. The middle and light weight matches were fun, but without the pull of a great heavyweight division or charismatic champ, boxing lost an edge. UFC and the MMA culture filled that void. 

Something that is a bit quirky for this situation is Grantland itself and the journalist. Grantland did a long form essay on a trans* golf putter designer and received a huge media shit storm for "outing" that person who eventually committed suicide. Grantland ended up scourging itself publicly with apologies from multiple people. How much of this interview is a make up to that LGBT community? The journalist mentions being a friend of Fallon Fox, so we do know the objectivity here. There is none. If people worry about reporters becoming cozy with subjects for access journalism, what do we make of the journalist already being friends with the subject? Pitiful.

It is still a piece of prison culture from the ring presentation to the style. These men (and women) are master technicians and in great shape. It's still a sick sign of what we have exported out of our prisons. Now why would anyone pay to see two women do that? On top of this, how fast do we have to devolve where the largest sports media organ in the US is pushing for a trans* fighter to be allowed to fight? Broken down to its core, the SJWs at Grantland want to see a man who mutilated his body and took hormones to feel like a woman to be allowed to pummel women. That is not sports journalism. That is writing for the social cause du jour. I'll pass because if I wanted to read about trans* people being super cool and "just like us", I would watch Hollywood garbage.