Friday, March 21, 2014

Grant Hill Explains Why Duke is Hated

Grant Hill's rationale for why Duke is disliked is that they had a lot of "really good white players". The media will yawn at this anti-white behavior as well as Hill's comment that it was a white on white thing that he did not understand. Combine this with Jalen Rose's comments that Duke recruited blacks from stable homes, which was why he hated them, and you can see we live in a society where fans will hate athletes will decent backgrounds and cheer the criminals that walk their campuses. I am sure the media will spotlight some anti-gay remark made in East Gish, Missouri or a black kid who feels "sad" and not loved because the white kids in Monatana are not smiling at him 100% of the time. Any discussion of Hill's statements? No.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Best Fictional Quarterback - Perfect Time to Prove Prog Bona Fides

Grantland, home of SWPL sports fans, ran a dialogue that discussed the best fictional quarterback of all time. Paul Crewe, quarterback in "The Longest Yard" played by Burt Reynolds, is only an honorable mention. He does not get any pub or discussion in different sections. Burt Reynolds played for Florida State's football team when in college. The fictional Crewe threw a realistic looking pass. He bangs the prison secretary. He gives a speech that is chill inducing, describing who that ragtag team of inmates is scoring the final touchdown for on that last play. He stays in prison to stick it to the Warden with his teammates. He'll suffer in jail for something he did not do for his team of bums stuck in jail to win. It is redemption of his soul where he does the right thing for other people and not just look out for himself. That exchange with the old prisoner about was it worth followed by the speech in the huddle is his confession. His act of contrition.

Screw that. Prove your progressive bona fides by selecting as the greatest fictional quarterback the one black guy they had to select from, Willie Beamon from "Any Given Sunday". SWPLS gotta SWPL. See we're enlightened! Fuck you, Grantland.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Incestuous Rapist or NCAA Linebacker

I grew up a sports fan in a sports family. My dad is a baseball coaching savant and has a smooth jump shot on the hard court. Despite growing up before the feminist fight for women's sports, my mom was a speed skater. We watched sports as a family. We did not really pay attention to how the sports sausage was made. Easier to hide the rot even twenty years ago, but the quality of athletes seems to have tracked with the general problem of technology masking social decay. Training, media management and steroids cover for psychotic rapists and criminals roaming the field. The NCAA celebrated national signing day in early February. That is when sports media writers and scouts evaluate the recruiting classes of teenagers for college football programs with puddles of drool forming on their keyboards. Just a couple of weeks after this year's signing day, a nationally ranked football recruit was arrested for felony sex charges. The sports media complex is not using this as a way to discuss the greater issue of the NCAA system being a sick system of corruption and exploitation to earn tax free money to universities.

It is a bizarre case. Shareif Rhaheed-Muhammad is a three star recruit and was arrested for felony charges involving sexual contact with his cousin that allegedly started when the cousin was just eleven. His scholarship offer is still valid. The child conceived from the sexual contact was aborted. DNA testing shows a likelihood above 99% that the child is the athlete's. The athlete's lawyer cited the university as waiting for the judicial system to work its way through the case before making a decision on his scholarship. Are they waiting for a booster to cough up the money to get the girl's parents to drop the charges? I can just see Coach Bobby Petrino looking through the online database for a wealthy booster who needs an ego boost for saving the program's recruit. Booster could even meet the young man he'd be helping come next season.

Molestation or rape. Incest. Prized recruit. This would be a pretty good story to spotlight on ESPN for the dysfunction of modern athletes and Petrino leaving the scholarship offer on the table could be framed as the rot and corruption of the NCAA. ESPN cannot do it because they have so many deals with the NCAA for broadcasting games, compromising their stance as a sports reporting entity but not a sports entertainment provider. Maybe Yahoo Sports could run an expose. The recruit was praised highly by Rivals scouting, garnering a three star label. He was recruited by major programs and signed with Louisville. Nothing about his personality tip anyone off to his other behavior? These coaches talk about knowing kids so deeply when they recruit and later, foster them through their programs. Tackling this would allow the media to explain how it comes down to "can you play" and nothing else. The media takes shots at the ridiculous rules of the NCAA with regards to players or the high salaries of coaches, but oddly enough, player misbehavior gets little attention.

To paraphrase Matthew Modine in And the Band Played On:

"How many raped college girls do you need? How many crimes on campus? How many rapes must be reported to make it cost efficient for you people to do something about it? A hundred? A thousand? Give us a number so we won't annoy you again until the amount of money you begin spending on lawsuits make it more profitable for you to recruit with an eye on crime and not just their 40 time."

This recruit is not the only instance nor the most ridiculous of examples. It is just the reported case for this Winter. A few years ago, Chris Carter signed with Ohio State University for football at the same time that he was arrested for fondling fourteen and fifteen year old girls in dark rooms at his school. The police had a notebook of Carter's in their possession which listed the girls and corresponded with who complained. It's only a 300+ pound 6 foot 4, 17 year old fondling younger, smaller girls in dark rooms, right? Nothing to worry about from a character standpoint. Ohio State kept his scholarship offer on the table. Charges were dropped. He plays for them now. Hopefully, Carter has not raped anyone since arriving in Columbus. Entire books have been written about these criminals and predators... and the institutions that coddle and enable them. Scoreboard, Baby might be in Amazon's top #100 list for football book sales, but tell me when a major media outlet has ever mentioned it?

Few who matter care though, and even with fans, many do not care. Checking out a University of Louisville sports fan website, the reactions are split into three camps. There is the camp that does not want Rhaheed-Muhammad to enroll at Louisville. There is the camp that wants to forgive him of this mistake (mistakes: breaking windows, stealing candy, molests 11 year old cousin). That is not a mistake. That's a deleted scene from Flowers in the Attic. There is also a large contingent of commenters who type (to paraphrase), "This is the system, who cares" or "I was 17 banging 14 year olds". Forget standards! Everyone does it. Notre Dame kept the identity of a player accused of raping a girl who later killed herself a secret until he revealed it this year at the NFL Combine. I'm sure the Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of rape would have gladly paid for the same identity protection from Duke. I also do not recall fans giving them a defense of any kind on website. Pro tip: play for revenue generating college teams to get cover from idiot fans. Regardless of the institution of Duke University or Louisville fans, the national media is awfully silent on a case that could be a teachable moment on the high rates of sexual abuse in the black community.

That last bit touches at something deeper in the system. The media cannot investigate deeper on these crimes, which has an overrepresentation of black offenders. The media selects the news items to blow up by seeing if they fit their agenda. They are also compromised from wanting to change the system. The media makes big bucks on sports along with the NCAA. Sports programming will eventually be the last television programming that can say viewers watch live and will see the paid advertisements. Think about the media's choice of attack on the NCAA system. Player pay is just slicing away a small scrap of the money. Coaches getting paid "insane" salaries is just an argument about splitting the spoils. Nick Saban's annual salary is a great investment to get the BCS bowl payouts that he has earned the school. The media will not touch the product. The system simply believes faster, bigger and more like the NFL is what gets viewers and sells tickets. Don't touch the money printing machine, no matter how lowly the program. This is our circus. These are our gladiator games. Roman society probably had citizens who hated the coliseum, but they had enough citizens who wanted to see the blood sport, feel a thrill and shout for more. It's not murder in a coliseum but crime on campus. The games are different but the feelings are the same.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Media Jumps on Republican State Rep for One Tweet

Oh no! A state rep in Minnesota made a funny that the volunteer thought police didn't like. Pat Garofalo tweeted out the following about the NBA.

“Let’s be honest, 70% of teams in NBA could fold tomorrow + nobody would notice a difference w/ possible exception of increase in streetcrime.”

He was jumped on by the sports media and had to issue an apology. Garofalo was echoing the statements of Ray Lewis who thought an NFL lockout would lead to greater crime. Guess it is not funny when a small time state rep says it. The irony of the website saying politics and sports should not mix is that the media has pushed Jason Collins, Michael Sam and the Russians disliking gays for the last year. Add to that any racial that is a "first". Who-whom: the media is the only arbiter of what is appropriate.

Before I go, let us look at Garofalo's statement. If 30% of teams remained, there would be ten teams left. That is roughly 120 players. Due to the concentration of talent with teams following the trio of stars idea, yes, 36 players carry the NBA. ESPN/Disney underwrites the NBA through its television contract, so it has to downplay just how much of a niche market the NBA has become, skewing to a black viewership. The lockout surveys showed how most white sports fans did not miss the NBA, but blacks did. The lockout and subsequent return at Christmas showed how no one really cares until Christmas and even then, most fans don't tune in until the playoffs.

Garofalo has a point. Not a lot of people would notice the missing 70% of teams. The financial leeches of the other 200 players (baby mammas, family, agents, publicists, hookers, strippers) and gamblers with too much time and money on their hands. I'd gladly watch a 20 team league that played a mini-season, then a playoff with all 20 teams with the top four getting byes, then a repeat of that. Four-five months, break a month, then repeat. This will never happen. Hell, the NBA bought the New Orleans franchise. Rather than fold it, the NBA sold it to Tom Benson. Bill Simmons can say the NBA has potential owners lining up, but why did the New Jersey Nets sell to a Russian billionaire with questionable associates in Russia and not anyone else with the promise of a move to New York City shortly thereafter?

State Rep. Pat Garofalo, you stand strong and keep that good sense of humor of yours.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Why the Sports Media Complex Downplays the Wonderlic

The NFL combine came and went with no big screw ups on the part of players. The major talk was the openly gay prospect that the media drooled over for his courage. Gil Brandt, long time player personnel vice president for the Cowboys, said Michael Sam had the biggest media crowds ever at the Combine. Media priorities. There was an annual test that went little noticed. Wonderlic scores were leaked. Just a few young men had their scores slip out. The media trotted out their yearly refrain that scores mean nothing! Absolutely nothing! Just a flimsy, little test they give athletes that has no bearing on their play. That is the media's line. Why? What do the scores mean and why does the media downplay them? It all comes down to who-whom and the taboo subject of intelligence testing.

The Wonderlic is a cognitive ability test. It tests general intelligence. The NFL uses this because how else can they gauge the intelligence of players coming in from over 100 different colleges with corrupt classes that pass the boys along? SATs or ACTs could be used as all NCAA players have to take those to play. The SAT/ACT scores for players would be 4-5 years old, and with Derrick Rose style cheating, may not even be the players' effort. A Wonderlic is administered by a neutral proctor for the NFL. Players can test prep for it. The NFL looks at health records back to grade school, so of course they want an objective test to compare all prospects against one another (and historical players). The NFL runs complicated offenses and defenses now. Len Dawson once drew up a passing play in themud at a Super Bowl. That does not happen today. Some positions require a bit more smarts than others. It is not just quarterback. Safety in a 3-4 scheme is like the quarterback of the defense. Wide receivers run option routes. Intelligence helps. If the Wonderlic, and by proxy general cognitive abilities, did not matter, the NFL would scrap it.

The media disparages those who read into the scores. Some sports websites offer sample Wonderlic questions, challenging readers to step into athletes' shoes. I have seen complete Wonderlics and seen media samples. They cherry pick tougher questions for their 5-15 question sampler. An average guy can still score 8 out of 15. Keep in mind, the test is a 50 question test, and some of these idiots score a 15 out of 50. They frame it for you to rationalize the players' poor results. They constantly say the test has no bearing on player performance by citing Dan Marino's low 13 and some benchwarmer's 40+ scores. Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 48, and was a middling athlete from an Ivy. Despite this, he parlayed learning and running an offense into a starting quarterback job. Being wicked smart helped. It is not a surprise that the quarterbacks who scored well on the Wonderlic at age 22 are now the quarterbacks who manage the clock and run brilliant 2 minute drill offenses (scroll down)? They also are mostly if not entirely white. The media does not want you to notice any racial patterns to test results. Pay no attention to the sea of low scores by black players at the same positions as white players. Odd coincidence on a test that means nothing. Move along.

The dismissal of the Wonderlic is interesting considering the media's love affair with the 40 yard dash. The media does not see the ypocrisy of denigratign one test that is sued by player scouts while glorifying another used by scouts that also has limited application. They drool over fast 40s. The 40 does have use, just like the Wonderlic, but is not indicative of anything besides speed out of a sprinter's blocks. Prospects run 40 yards, after months of training, a few times without equipment on for the timed sprint. We can find useless 40 times just like the Wonderlic. Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice and Terrell Suggs all ran slow 40s. Rice and Smith are two of the greatest to ever play at their positions. To paraphrase GM Ozzie Newsome on Suggs, "I'm drafting him to run 4 yards, not 40". The 40 gets great play, vaulting guys up draft boards. The media does not shout that it is ludicrous as workout wonders happen every year. Just like the Wonderlic, a player's 40 may mean more to his specific positions profile than other positions.

A fan could do this with every test and drill they do at the Combine. They do all of these routines for a reason. It gives a team a profile of prospective players that they will possibly turn into multimillion dollar investments. The Wonderlic has a point, has a purpose and yes, it does indicate general intelligence. If you are worried a quarterback will be a slow learner or never make "the leap", you might pay attention to the score. Worried a defensive back was a product of his college program's scheme and cannot read opponents, look at the Wonderlic. The media does not want you to notice Vince Young's score of 6 Morris Claiborne's 4. When a score is low, they will give the player ample cover, "I didn't study", "I blew it off", "It ain't no thang", etc. They'll never do that with the 40. Just look at who does good and bad in each test. Will the liberal media be there to protect oppressed minority groups? That is a question you can answer in the affirmative every single time.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Proof of Media's Gay Love Affair

Interesting tidbit in this blurb from The Big Lead. He opens it with the Michael Sam question and answer period. The media flocked to him like maggots on a corpse. The nugget that is mind blowing is Gil Brandt, who along with Tom Landy took player evaluation to the next level in the NFL, saying that was the biggest crowd he had ever seen. It reveals the psychotic coverage Sam is receiving to push the media's progressive narratives, but it also reveals something else. Buried in a lot of articles on Sam is that players must've played with a gay guy at one point. If that is true, then Sam being openly gay should not be a shock that creates the biggest crowds a legend in the NFL has ever seen.

1. Peyton Manning, son of Archie, golden boy quarterback who stayed an extra year in college to win a Heisman and National Title but failed to do so, nope smaller crowds.
2. Michael Vick, amazing talent who was suppose to revolutionize the quarterback position, nope smaller crowds.
3. Vince Young, amazing talent coming off of the amazing National Title game who would be the next black quarterback to revolutionize the position with some odd behavioral issues and a 6 Wonderlic, nope smaller crowds.
4. Cam Newton, who just won a Heisman and National Title and had failed classes, gotten out of stealing a laptop and had his dad arranging payoffs to play but would be the black quarterback to really revolutionize the position, nope smaller crowds.
5. Adrian Peterson, who was a major injury risk but was a guy that scouts thought could go from high school to the NFL immediately, nope.
6. Vinny Testaverde, who was benching 300 lbs at 18 and considered a Greek God when he arrived at the U of Miami and had a horrific performance in the national title game vs. Penn State, nope.

The list of incredibly interesting potential draftees at combines in the past could continue. None had the biggest crowd. A gay defensive end who will be a mid-round pick nets the biggest crowd. That says more about the media than the sport.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Russian Ladies Curling Team Gold Medal Winter Olympics Babes

Looking back on the Winter Olympics, there were a lot of hot chicks. My hypothesis is that winter sports involve a lot of skill and coordination and less brute strength and speed. You can have feminine women win and be great competitors without jacking up on dianabol. The SWPL Sports Review awards the gold medal for Olympian babes to the Russian Ladies Curling Team.

Thigh highs, heels, pack my bags to Russia

Swept off my feet

Booty had me like whoa