Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Note on Jason Collins' Number

The sports media world has a collective hard on for Jason Collins' return to the NBA. They are applauding and treating a washed up veteran on a 10 day contract like a max contract power forward who will swing the title for a team. They also deny at all turns that there is any PR stunt vibe to the signing. Sadly, Collins is not cooperating with that. Casual fans will wonder why he chose number 98. The media will supply them with the narrative approved reason why. Collins chose the number 98 for his jersey number in honor of Matthew Shepard.

Matthew Shepard is the young man who was brutally murdered and then turned into a gay bashing icon. A new book out challenges that story, and does so in such a convincing fashion that Andrew Sullivan himself doubts the liberal narrative. Shepard went from a dead man to a saintly gay guy killed by rednecks for being gay. Years later, after being turned into a symbol of how hard it is to be gay in America, the story emerging is one where he was a low level drug dealer killed by a former love and also drug dealer over murkier reasons that being gay. Collins is a symbol. Michael Sam is a symbol. None of these reporters will ever ask them about their sex life, but they will definitely pretend they care when the camera is turned on. Odd, they never asked Collins' long term girlfriend and ex-fiancé too many questions.

The media keeps calling this history for a man to be openly gay in a professional sport. They care a lot. Fans do not. To deny this is in any way a PR stunt is a form of media masking the reality we see. If Collins' signing was purely about ball, he'd have come back with his old number. To use a number to pay homage to a martyr in the gay community is an obvious "we're here, we're queer, get used to it" statement. It is foolish considering the information we know now, but narrative trumps facts. It is even sicker to consider Collins using Shepard in any way to draw attention to himself. This is maybe too cynical but there was a sizeable group of fans who thought Collins' coming out was well timed for him to get a new contract for some brave team. ESPN would purge anyone for saying that, but they had an economic incentive to boost that story. It is the age of page click journalism.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jason Collins Cheerleading

Good to see the media embarrass themselves again. The media really wants to push a has been seven footer on some NBA team so they can say a new barrier was broken. The media is out to inform you that Jason Collins may sign an NBA deal before the trade deadline. You may remember Collins as a stiff who was dunked on as much as Shawn Bradley. I choose to remember him as... nothing, I did not remember his name until he came out. Let us look at two blurbs on the topic.

Bill Simmons, still doing penance for the trans* hate article, put some useless Jason Collins 10 day deal hype into his trade deadline email diary. Simmons also recently interviewed Lena Dunham. I don't think Bill asked Lena what it's like to have a gut that sticks out further than her boobs, but he should have asked it. Bill goes in lame cheerleader mode for Jason Collins with the following, "Jason Collins? Jason Collins! JASON COLLINS!!! LET’S DO THIS!!!" in response to Collins possibly being signed by the Clippers. Simmons then kicked up the pro-Collins hype with,

By the way, Doc Rivers loved Collins in Boston and claimed that Collins was one of the best people he ever coached. Also, Collins defended Dwight Howard as well as just about anyone. He’s Kendrick Perkins for one-tenth the price, only he’s smiling instead of scowling. And the advanced metrics community doesn’t break out in hives when they think about him. Sure, the thought of Donald Sterling being Jason Collins’s boss is frightening for about 243 different reasons. But I hope they sign him, anyway.

Any other 10 day deal guys getting that love from Simmons? One of the best people Doc Rivers ever coached? Yeah, what a whopper Bill. Plus, he got to knock on Sterling.

USAToday property The Big Lead blurbed how "Jason Collins is on the verge of making NBA history" because he may sign a 10 day deal. Wow, how historic. A seven foot stiff will get a bunch of DNP (did not plays) sot he NBA can say they are accepting. The Big Lead even mocked their readers with an update of the official signing (with photo), daring their readers to come up with dumb conspiracy theories in the comments.

Sports journalists wept with joy.

Gracie Gold Winter Olympics Cutie

Nice but she's a figure skater so...
Gracie Gold, wow perfect nice and symmetry, but...
Damn, pretty with her hair down but...

YES! She is 18. It's OK boys. Haven't felt that relief since Carrie Underwood's "American Idol" audition flashed her age as 19. Gracie Gold, you may have finished 4th, but you get the SWPL Sports Review stamp of approval


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Madison Chock Winter Olympics Cutie

Sex bomb, sex bomb, you're a sex bomb went the lyrics to a Tom Jones song. Madison Chock is an ice dancer, not a skater, a dancer. She is a beautiful and sexy looking woman. She is pretty graceful as well on the ice, finishing in the top 10 in her first Olympics. Pack my bags for Torrance, California. I'm over 6 feet tall, shhh, I won't tell your skating partner. Madison Chock, you get the SWPL Sports Review stamp of approval.

Looks like actress in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
That's her "sex me up" face
Oh face

See "The Big Lead" Earn His Gay Prog Badge

It is fun reading sports writers earn their progressive merit badges over Michael Sam. Timed just right for the Sochi Olympics, they can double barrel their pro-homosexuality. I got gay relatives, I don't care if you're gay, just keep it to yourself. In light of a media overblown story on NFL locker rooms (the Martin-Incognito fiasco), how an NFL player interacts with his teammates and how a team gels is on football fans' minds. This is all forgotten as media members get a chance to pledge their support of gayness.

Former Dallas Cowboy defensive end Greg Ellis said the following about Sam and his entry into the NFL.

He has to be careful. He has to come in, close his mouth.If he pats somebody on the butt — I hope ESPN don’t get mad and never have me back — but if he pats somebody on the butt, how is that to be received? If he does that how is that to be received? If he said, ‘Come on baby’? I called guys baby all the time on the football field, but when you have taken a stand and went and go public and say that, ‘I am gay,’ how is that going to be received? People who’ve never been in an NFL shower room, not just locker room, it’s a open room. We don’t have private curtains. It’s just an open-form shower, so everybody sees each in the nude. Well if you’re looking at men as if you’re looking at women or vice versa, how are those guys to receive that? I don’t know. I don’t know how they will receive that.

Sounds reasonable for a league being pushed about locker room camaraderie. Jonathan Martin was a pushover and a "nerd" and he got teased to the point where his widdle feelings forced him to check into a clinic and his agent smeared a teammate to deflect attention. Michael Sam is openly gay entering a super machismo field full of a specific demographic that given the chance in state election after state election, is against gay marriage (black men, check exit polls). Ellis has a right to question how guys will take field talk. The media wants you to know Sam is different but then pretend that he does not have any different circumstances in a tough situation like an NFL locker room.

Not in Jason McIntyre's world. McIntyre opens his blog post with a slam on Ellis as if he is a nobody who had no career to delegitimize the quotation (cited above) that followed. Heh, what a loser, this is what the loser said. Greg Ellis played 11 seasons, averaging 7 sacks. Ellis was an All-American in college. Not a superstar, but he was a very good player for a decade in a sport with a burn out period of 3 years. The other hole in the "hunh, he's a nobody" angle. Most of these idiots we forget unless they are perennial all-stars or the fan is a sports nerd. This is just McIntyre slagging a guy to make readers think, "Ellis' opinion = bad".

The Ellis quote is then ended with McIntyre questioning if Ellis thinks he never played with a gay teammate. Well, Sam is the first openly gay NFLer (soon). Ellis ever play with an openly gay one? Debate worthy. Gays make up roughly 3.5% of American men. Is McIntyre so isolated from real gays, that he does not see the pattern of gays being a bit sissy? Sure, they can be tough, but on average? Does he not find it odd that figure skating has had plenty of openly and closeted gay men found in their small pool of competitors, yet football now has their first? Figure skating offers being the center of attention, applause, flowers after the performance, artistry, dancing, frilly costumes and tights. Despite the NY Times desperate attempt to overplay the homoeroticism of football, football is based on hit the guy or be hit. It might be reasonable that the 3.5% of the overall population turns into less than 1% playing football, therefore Ellis might have not bumped into any gays in the locker room.

Here's something else on McIntyre to prove his prog bona fides. The guy's Twitter feed throughout 2012 and into the 2013 Zimmerman trial was pro-Trayvon non-stop despite any new evidence, despite eyewitness testimony, and despite state witnesses that ended up helping the defense. He could watch the Bill Whittle video on Trayvon-Zimmerman that showed how rigged the trial was with excluding evidence in the prosecution's favor and not allowing certain testimony and still tweet "damn, Zimmerman cold blooded murdrer". Doesn't matter. Little black kid (6'1" football player) got shot by gun toting, evil white err, I mean, white Hispanic guy.

The USA Today owns The Big Lead. Despite knowing no one outside hotel guests who read the USA Today, it has a huge subscriber base and is a giant media entity. One would assume they would support free speech, but as progs, nope. This criticism of Ellis is just that he believes Sam has to watch it as he enters the league because he has a different set of concerns. McIntyre is not stupid. He may be lazy. He may not watch the sports he reports on, but he is a liberal. Liberals gotta lib. McIntyre constantly has to signal he is a good little progressive to keep his job because it sure as shit isn't the writing. When the new cultural war issue is in play, the mass email goes out and everyone gets the talking points. Sadly in the 21st century, this includes sports journalists.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Silje Norendal Winter Olympics Cutie

Silje Norendal. I have no hope of pronouncing that name right, but what a cutie. She is a 20 year old Norwegian snowboarder. Google images reveals other picures of her scantily clad. Rocking body. She has the hair and eye combination one would expect from the Nordic nations. Very piercing blue eyes. Silje Norendal, you get the SWPL Sports Review stamp of approval.

Love the goggles.


We sure she was not in a PAWG Hunter video?

Desperate Media Latches onto Dolphins Bullying

The racism, homophobia and sexism became problematic when texts showed the victim in the Dolphins locker room issue engaging in it right back. The media has had to walk back a lot of their accusations and smears on Incognito. They are holding onto the story to push bullying. This is pathetic, but a desperate attempt to push the anti-bullying narrative. Anti-bullying is actually anti-free speech. This might be a long term play to get the kids of today to support restricting "hate speech" and "mean talk" in the future as voters. Who defines hate speech? The left and its organs like the media, SPLC and academia.

Looking at this Dolphins situation and the NFL in general, I am having a hard time seeing this as bullying. This is bros being bros and sometimes bros get tough when a bro is slacking off. The media is so far removed from masculine environments that they do not understand how men, real men, interact with one another. Sometimes men respond to being knocked around with an "I'll show them" attitude. That isn't just fictional female characters in grrl power movies. It's in real life. The secret about Martin, like some NBA big men, is that he only is playing because of his unique height and weight combination. He does not have the Ray Lewis killer instinct and drive. He does not love the football culture and mythos like Incognito. Read their texts to see the difference in their words. Martin was big and agile, so coaches selected him to play, and he enjoyed the trappings of being a star player without doing the work. He wanted the money, fame and women, but not the work to keep them.

The other problem with pushing the bullying angle is that these men go out and pound one another every Sunday for money and glory and in practice for a starting spot and contract. Men who expose themselves to concussions and broken bones are so weak, they cannot endure taunting from teammates who have a legitimate reason to see them succeed? This is ridiculous. These men use war analogies whenever possible and within limits (Sorry Kellen Winslow II). Sports fans should pity grown 300 pound men banging hookers, pounding each other on the field and earnings millions because of some harsh words? These same fans will read how Darren Sharper, who has dated Hollywood actresses and has access to attractive women because of his fame, looks and wealth, still has an alleged penchant for raping women. Fans are getting ready for the stream of offseason arrests of the National Felons League players union members. Martin is the exception that proves the NFL criminal rule.

The media is desperate on this because they know without the racism and anti-gay bigot smears, the story has no legs. Using bullying might work on moms for teen and pre-teen concerns, but not 300 pound, 25 year old millionaires. Sports fans have called into radio shows noting that the player fraternity members vocally chastising the Dolphins are players with media jobs. Shannon Sharpe being a huge hypocrite as the man jawed on the field at any defender big or small. The media needs something to still demonize the Dolphins because if they did not, they would have to write essays on how they jumped the gun, chased a on sided tale and blew a story. The media cannot have that. If they admit error, they open themselves up to accusations of bias and horrible reporting on every story. We know that is true, but it is not open for public discussion.

Kaetlyn Osmond Winter Olympics Cutie

NBC has done a great job sexing up the Olympics. They are doing human interest reports on Austrian slope bunnies who wear nothing but body paint to save cheetahs and show "honey shots" of cute Olympians in the crowd to cheer on their friends. Brilliant. Figure skating is a sport long dominated by teenage girls, so they are off limits. Not Kaetlyn Osmond. She is a woman. She is 18 and stands 5'4" with fantastic legs. Her costumes are classy and usually black. She wears white gloves for one routine. Look at her lines in the picture below. Wonderful facial symmetry. Pack my bags, I'm off to Canada. Kaetlyn Osmond, you get the SWPL Sports Review stamp of approval

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Anna Fenninger Winter Olympics Cutie

Anna Fenninger won the Super G gold medal. She is also devoted to saving cheetahs. She visited Namibia to tour the sand dunes, take photo ops and be with the cheetahs. Her helmet is spotted in honor of them. Protect the cheetahs. Anna is also smoking hot. She gets the SWPL Sports Review gold medal stamp of approval.

Body Paint done well.
She is not just a glam it up illusion. She looks good on the slopes.

Blonde or brunette, she looks good. Has a German techno club look here.

She can dress traditional as well. Austrian top with some blue jeans.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Media, Michael Sam and Tim Tebow

It has been quite the week watching the media treat Michael Sam like a baby panda with the courage of David facing Goliath. How else could he make that decision without the entire media complex supporting him and silencing critics as homophobic neanderthals? Let us look at some legit numbers.

Google search for "Michael Sam courageous" yields 22.7 million results.
Google search for "Tim Tebow courageous" yields 296K results.

Google search for "Michael Sam role model" yields 42.1 million results.
Google search for "Tim Tebow role model" yields 138K results.

Google search for "Michael Sam wonderful" yields 127 million results.
Google search for "Tim Tebow wonderful" yields 626K results.

To add insult to injury, Tim Tebow won multiple championships in the NCAA, so a history should have been evident in the Google searches for massive fawning articles. Tebow is out of the NFL and had the problematic trait of being openly and sincerely Christian. Michael Sam is about to enter the NFL and is now openly gay.

Google "we should accept" with the two men listed above and you will find over a billion results for Michael Sam and around 22 million for Tim Tebow. If America is a Christian nation, could someone inform the media?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Kate Hansen Winter Olympics Cutie

Check out the Instagram or Vine quick vid of Kate Hansen shaking and mini-twerking. Nice legs girl that taper down to slender ankles. I see that booty, too. A little digging reveals she can dance pretty well. Winter Olympic Cutie. Happy Valentine's Day, Kate Hansen, you get the SWPL Sports Review stamp of approval.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jamie Anderson Winter Olympics Cutie

Gold medalists get the Wheaties box and future color commentary gigs. Jamie Anderson will get even more thanks to her good looks.

Snow Bunny
Super sweet look. Like soft femme smile with long golden hair. Take her to Tahoe.

Glammed up
Girl cleans up well. Take her up to the ski chalet. Hit the slopes. Come back and start the fire, pour some drinks and roll around on the bear skin rug. Gold medal SWPL Sports Review stamp of approval.

The White Winter Olympics

The ever watchful Steve Sailer pointed to a silly blurb at the Wapo. The Washington Post is hot on the case to tell you that the Winter Olympics are wicked white. Whiter, I mean, writer Mike Wise is here to tell you that the Winter Olympics is whiter than Downton Abbey. That is really funny. Wise rather embarrasses himself with his essay chock full of white guilt, but he's a journalist. This is like an act of contrition for not being a touch ethnic, not even Irish or Italian, which Harvard says only became white later. This is rather stupid as the Olympics are diverse and no one cares that the NBA is 80% black in a 12% black nation.

Wise tip toes near an important reason the sports at the Winter Olympics are super white, but he dares not tread on the ground. Wise writes of recent "breakthroughs", which are racial breakthroughs a journalist can get a hard on about.

Look, I don’t care about the color of the competitors. And I don’t think the paucity of black or Hispanic athletes should cheapen any gold medal, as if somehow this were a cold-war Olympics that didn’t include some of the greatest sporting nations.

The fact is, despite Vonetta Flowers becoming the first black person to become a Winter Olympic gold medalist as a bobsledder in 2002, despite Davis becoming the first male African American to win individual gold in 2006, there hasn’t been a whole lot of carryover.

Like golf waiting forever for the Tiger Woods Factor to kick in, the USOC and other nations are still waiting for that next wave of racial diversity in the Winter Games.

Besides most winter sports game being set on mountains with snow, which is not commonly found in sub-Sahara Africa. This should be a good enough defense for the winter games, but even in America, there should be moar vibrant diversityness. There is a simple reason speed skating, skiing, snowboarding and hockey are so white. Like lacrosse (what hockey is derived from), golf and now baseball, these sports take immense coordination skill honed with hours of practice and a lot of expensive equipment. Last I checked, 72% of black kids are born to single moms, making slope fees and snowboarding equipment a bit more expensive than a basketball. The liberal stupidity is on display as well where he thinks one gold medalist in 2002 or 2006 will act as a seed for dozens of black athletes at the games from America within a decade. There is a giant filtration process that starts with trying the sport, making cuts, practicing, being scouted and pulled into programs. It's almost as dumb as seeing Barack Obama speak at the DNC in 2004 and then wondering why there are so few black male doctors in 2014. Obama is not helping your MCAT score.

Even dumber on Wise's part is his dismissal of Asians as an element of diversity. There are actually many countries of non-European descent participating (250 athletes from China-Japan-South Korea), but like taking up spots at New York City public schools, they do not count. In fact, white liberals might be a little uneasy about those compact, quick Asians winning medals just like those study hard, brainy Asians filling up Ivy League schools. I forgot, being Asian only matters in the cuisine realm, engineering and at the voting booth in November. Orwell could update Animal Farm to liberal talking points and write it "non-white good, white no good".

Why the derision anyway? Why point out and mock a sporting event disproportionately one race,  while avoiding Asians? This would be impossible to write about in the same manner for an NBA event. In fact, Wise would lose his job. Should have married a black or Hispanic (or become gay) to ward off any suspicion he is a racist for liking sexy blonde snowboarding girls. The NBA is even more ridiculous since, again, it is 80% black compared to a 12% national population. Anyone want to say maybe some racism there? Institutional racism against the many white guys over 6'10" who are excluded due to skin tone. Sounds ridiculous when reversed. It's ridiculous when spoken with a straight face.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

John LeClair

One week in, I thought I'd drop this nugget of what SWPL Sports Review is. You're not going to see a sports and sports media critic like us. Deadspin used to say sports with no favors or slant, but after Will Leitch left, they chased the jock sniffing. They also split from the passionate fan view to the standard, liberal view, forever pushing the precious narrative. Most sports bloggers are cut from the same cloth, latching onto whatever new bandwagon the NY Times wants to roll out. This tiny blog is not that. This will be pushback on the tsunami of leftist garbage when we know a lot of guys watching sports just want to watch sports, not get a lesson in trans* acceptance. We'll criticize those bastards and push politically incorrect things for hopefully an audience that will laugh at work.

John LeClair is the title to this post because like our original intent of being "Right Wing Sports", John LeClair was a mean son of a bitch as a right winger on the "Legion of Doom" line and an American. I'm 99% sure his mom was a professor at Springfield College. The guy was big and would park in front of the circle, daring defensemen to make contact and knock him down. He may have cut his mullet as he aged, but he had massive mulletude. Our readers might be growing older and cutting their hair shorter, but we know when you hear some pansy reporter gushing about the acceptance bubbling underneath or chastising the machismo in NFL locker rooms, you want to say, "Shut up pencil neck, suit up and take a hit". We are desk jockeys now but imagine us standing in front of the circle, slapping the ice with our stick yelling, "Feed me Seymour, feed me".

UPDATE: Holy schnikeys commenter "pat". I just checked KSK for the first time in years. God man, it's like they got a little bit of money and sold out. My military friends used to like it since they had a vet on staff. They were raunchy yet funny as hell. The Rex Grossman "Sex Cannon" stuff was some of the funniest sportswriting ever ("F--k It I'm Going Downfield" was an instant classic). The Rex Ryan "How the f*ck ya doin' boys" posts were always fun, and Ryan would get caught on camera confirming their caricature. Their gamecasts were funny, and I would participate when bored and pre-fatherhood. This reminds me. They had a sex mailbag once that involved feminine squirting as well as men nursing on their wives who just had kids to get them off. The comments section was a goldmine for comedy. READ HERE. The comments on guys who nurse are hilarious "like an unattended fire hose". "Walter Football" scouting has slowly shifted that way as well, which is sad as he was a funny SOB with whom I used to exchange emails about college quarterbacks. Welcome aboard, and we will take leads of any kind to rant or rave. The NFL Combine is coming to town soon, so I may scout Starbucks out to corner Peter King.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Michael Sam Claims One Victim

It is roughly 24 hours since his coming out, but Michael Sam has already claimed one victim. A wrestler at Kent State that has 400 followers on Twitter said queer twice and fag twice in 4 tweets. Writer for "The Big Lead" Ryan Glasspiegel called the tweets "hateful" and "homophobic". They read more like annoyed. He does not sound scared of gays. He sounds annoyed that the sports media entertainment complex has gone gaga over the Sam announcement. I hope it is the use of "fag" that got him in trouble because "queer" is an accepted term, or has the NY Times not decided on that. Still, this man with 445 followers on Twitter must perform an act of contrition before the media and gay mafia.

Check out the commenters at "The Big Lead". Basically sound like sports fans who will parrot whatever the screen with the moving pictures tells them. One commenter mentioned the irony of blacks using gay slurs, and that was downvoted by one reader (upvoted by someone you may read elsewhere). Even jokes by anonymous commenters will be shunned if not politically correct. "The Big Lead" is linked with the USA Today, which you know as the flimsy, cheap paper you see at hotels but no one outside of a hotel reads. Their editor-in-chief was a big Trayvon supporter, and another writer was a bit, uhhh, hooked on Adderall. Good site though, good job good effort. Keep shaming no name wrestlers out of their scholarship money.

A Quick Revisit to "Dr. V's Magical Putter" (In the wake of Michael Sam)

A quick google search for the "Dr V's Magical Putter" piece in Grantlad reveals the original article still leading the way at the top of the list.  But the next 9 entries are (cover your eyes!) all criticisms of the piece, from the usual suspects: The Nation, Slate, Think Progress, The Atlantic.  With all of that intellectual heft criticizing Grantland, Bill Simmons did the only thing an editor can do in this day and age; curl into the fetal position and apologize for offending the individual(s) who claim group membership that is higher on the  offense status ladder.  Bringing in transsexual Christina Kahrl to further perform the ritual shaming for Grantland's inconsiderate treatment of an LGBT individual was a cherry on the sundae for the left-wing noise machine, whose coordinated response provoked the usual SWPL outrage, despite the fact that Hannan did an excellent job pointing out that Dr Vanderbilt was, in fact, a fraud.

This message was received loud and clear by those covering the co-ordinated outing of Michael Sam.
As noted in SOBL's previous post, the agents for Sam and their minders in the media knew they had complete top cover to ensure maximum message control over the process (up to a point).  They would dole all the friendly outlets a piece of this tasty pie.  They had to move the date up, but there was no real fear it would ruin their plan. From the outsports exclusive "Behind The Scenes":
"While it was a decent chance before Saturday that the story would get leaked publicly, there was suddenly zero percent chance the story would hold until Monday afternoon. Someone would break the news early even if they didn't have the story. The only thing I felt holding back other media outlets was the firestorm of venom thrown at ESPN and Grantland three weeks earlier for outing a trans woman. If it hadn't been for the reaction to that story, someone would have already jumped the gun."
A new standard has just been established (I mean, except for Republicans).  A new battlefront in World War G has been opened.  Football is source of escapism for millions of Americans and most will have little to no issue with a gay man playing the game.  But that won't stop many from criticizing the anonymous (thankfully for their careers) player personnel execs who discussed potential reasons why Sam could fall on draft day, or why a team could pass on him, even though he may be in their desirable draft slot range:
"That will break a tie against that player," the former general manager said. "Every time. Unless he's Superman. Why? Not that they're against gay people. It's more that some players are going to look at you upside down. Every Tom, Dick and Harry in the media is going to show up, from Good Housekeeping to the Today show. A general manager is going to ask, 'Why are we going to do that to ourselves?'"
Perfectly logical, but reality doesn't much matter in this particular instance. What matters is winning the war against those stupid white people who hate teh gayz. Will Sam become a great player?  Time will tell.  I wish him well.  But often, discretion is the better part of valor when dealing with private life issues in any situation, even those issues outside of one's sexual orientation. But as we know, the gay lobby doesn't desire acceptance, it wants complete endorsement of their lifestyle.  Michael Sam bought that sales pitch. The spotlight is on.

Michael Sam - When Gay Media Coordination Happens?

Joy to the world a gay male has come out! NFL draft prospect and NCAA All-American defensive end Michael Sam came out of the closet as he prepares to enter the NFL. Sam has the opportunity as phrased by the NY Times to "become a symbol for the country's gay rights movement or a flashpoint in the football culture war - or both." Newsflash: he only became news because the media is making this news. He is only going to become a flashpoint if the media makes him a flashpoint. As far as a symbol for the gay rights movement, what right is he an advancement of? The right to make millions with a 65% chance of going broke and possibly earning brain injuries? Cool. All that matters is can he play.

The NFL will employ anyone who can play. Vehicular homicide? Sure. Drug problems? Okay. Alcoholic who beats his wife? No problem, you might even win the man of the year award. Drug trafficking conviction or murder charge? The Ravens will hire you. Accused rapist? Shhh, a few might be lurking in the locker room. Run a dogfighting ring, kill dogs, gamble across state lines and impede an investigation while getting busted for weed in unrelated events? Hell, ESPN will tell fans they are racist if they do not accept him. Can you play? That is all that matters. Locker rooms are full of meatheads and psychopaths, but if you can play, you suit up and all's well.

Sam serves a purpose, and that is for the media types to gleefully raise up this "one" outstanding college player and say, "see, gay guys can be macho football players. They're the same as straight men". Not quite but in their sick minds it is proof that the exception proves the rule. This is also important right now because the NFL Combine starts in one week in Indianapolis, which is a huge offseason event for the NFL. Every GM and coach will be pestered with the "do you think it matters" question. The media is sharpening their knives because a year ago, it was hinted that Manti Teo might be gay and that might hurt his draft stock. Now the media can goad teams into making sure this guy is drafted exactly where he deserves because if he isn't the media gets to write stories about his coming out hurting his draft position, proving the NFL is run by homophobes.

Coordinated? How could anyone suggest this was coordinated and timed just right? Michael Sam generates over 1 billion results on Google right now. ESPN airs the interview right as the US media is chastising the Russians for anti-gay laws. Priming Americans to dislike Russia for simple anti-gay laws right before this young man's courageous coming out for the NFL Combine put the NFL in a pickle. The media will be there with shiv in hand to gut the evil, macho NFL for any false step or verbal slip. Don't believe this was coordinated? Read this nice backstory on how the coming out story broke. This was extremely well planned by his agents and the media. Note the important thing buried in there early on: his teammates embraced him. They did not care. How he performed on the field, leading them throughout the season on the defensive side of the ball is what mattered. We don't care. What we do care is using one guy to shove the progressive "assimilate or be destroyed" mentality of the press. Good luck in your career Michael Sam.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Russia 2014 vs. South Africa 2010

Have you heard? The Russians do not like gays. How can we tell? They have a law that bans what they call gay propaganda. At least one gay athlete does not give a crap and calls the concerns overblown, but that will not stop the Faceborg zombies and progs from getting righteous and claiming their gay solidarity. I was called harsh for disapproving China being awarded the Olympics with all fo their human rights issues a decade ago, but these fools are up in arms over not liking gays. NBC kicked off coverage with Bob Costas mentioning the anti-gay attitudes in the first minute. NBC consistently ays phrases like, "One does not want to mix sports with politics but...", despite the fact that they are the ones making everything political. Here is a question: Where was all of this gay activism for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

South Africa has laws on the books that give gays right, but living conditions are atrocious. "Corrective raps" is a concept where men rape women to correct them of their homosexuality. Go figure, it's on the rise in South Africa. Anyone mention this in 2010? Anyone protest South Africa for this? This is the same region that thinks sex with goats or 2 year old girls will cure their HIV-AIDS, so maybe rape is a thing in South Africa. Wait, it is a crisis. South Africa has a pretty strong, dare I use a feminist's phrase, rape culture. Rape is so widespread in South Africa that rape insurance is sold and even 10% of men have claimed to have been raped by another man. HIV-AIDS is such a problem in South Africa that the South African strip club and hooker industry did not see a bump with the 2010 World Cup despite normal bumps, and no one asked if the HIV crisis was a factor.

This entire sham of a controversy is another manufactured issue by the media to distract Americans from seeing a white majority nation that has a serious take on its history and does not swallow the progressive line whole. In a sick way, it once again weakens a non-political bond by forcing a political issue into the sphere. Americans cannot be shown an alternative for two weeks. They must be told to dislike them. The 2008 Chinese Olympics were a "we're here" moment for China. The same situation will happen with Brazil and 2016. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was the first for the continent. Italso now is a lesson to any government: formally protect a group with laws while informally destroying them with foot soldiers. These Olympics were suppose to be a celebration of Russia's climb out of the Soviet and '90s muck (which America was a malicious part of). These games are being marred by the media creating another false issue so that people can once again display their progressive political badge. Right now, millions of American women can say, "I only watch figure skating, but damn those Russians for hating gays".

Marcus Smart, Jonathan Martin and the Media Taking Sides

Two incidents recently reveal what exactly the sprots media entertainment complex has become in the greater picture of American scoiety and what narrative they push. Jonathan Martin's accusations of bullying and racial taunting crumbled after the revelation that he and Incognito texted each other in a friendly manner for years before Martin lost his mind and his agent leaked texts to paint Incognito as evil. Marcus Smart shoved a fan after an interaction that lasted 2 seconds, with whispers that the fan may have said something racially charged at him. The sprots media in both instances rallied around the black athlete immediately. The message is clear that America is still an evil, racist place.

Martin flipped out with the Dolphins and was a bust on the field. After a stint in a medical facility, his agent selectively leaked texts from Incognito portraying him as a bully. The media ran wild with this as Incognito was paitned as the evil, racist meathead, and Martin the angelic mixed race Stanford graduate. Neither picture is correct. Teammates defended Incognito, which made other writers stomp and harrumph over the idea of Incognito being an "honorary black man". It is not that the full text story reveals Martin and his agent are weasels. The real story is that we have created an environment where Martin's agent felt certain he could get his client a boost by going to the media with select texts. His agent needed to know that the media would already be biased to portray the white captain of the offensive line as a racist. He was right.

Marcus Smart shoved a fan after words were exchanged, and despite the rules, was not ejected. He did get a technical. Immediately, Smart used the racial remarks defense. No matter what reporter, all are now qualifying their essays on the incident by saying regardless of what was said, hinting at the evil words. Soem have taken the race accusations and run with them. Greenberg and Golic are debating whether "piece of crap" is crossing the line on theri talk show this morning. Even FORBES magazine is framing the issue as one where the possibility of a slur should absolve Smart. It is buying into the crutch that protected and designated victim groups can use. The smear on the fan sticks, and due to the mainstream media forever pushing the issue, the smear works on the gullible and taints the issue already in favor of the athlete who shoved a fan. The fan has had to release a statement saying he said "piece of crap". A responsible media should have a default setting that in 2 seconds of interaction with a front court ticket holder, the fan most likely wouldn't be dropping racial slurs in a crowd.

This is not the case. The media is incredibly biased to anything progressive. Another element at play is that access journalism pushes the media down a path of handling players like baby pandas to maintain access for later interviews, not just from the effected player but all of the players represented by that agent. ESPN knows Marcus Smart will be drafted, so they have to treat him nice to keep the access in the future. Martin's agent represents other players, so they need those sources available. These media entities are owned by parent corporations that have given immense cove for the Commander-in-Chief, who despite all failures, still gets a pass. The never-ending struggle of blacks, women and now gays will be trumpeted as if it were solving the problem of our economic decline. Hurrah for women's ski jump! Yeah for a black quarterback! Oh look, there is an openly gay football player. Don't worry. The NCAA March Madness Bracketology is coming up, and we can all be assured that President Obama will give ESPN an hour of his time.