Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jameis Winston's Troubling Behavior

Per the NY Times, a second woman sought counseling after a sexual encounter with Winston. A second? What? The Times does a nice job of giving a rundown of the night the attack that the media spotlighted happened. Alcohol, a woman going home with guys she did not know well but knew were on the football team, and rough sex that is in that "he said-she said" grey area. The NY Times buries it but does reveal it was a white woman (2nd woman was supposedly black). Considering the payouts of BCS appearances, the home ticket sales, the jersey sales, and countless other tax free revenue for the school, is anyone really surprised that FSU and the local authorities did not handle the investigation in the best manner? Shhhh, don't think about it. For all the media hand wringing over racism, no one is mentioning how a Southern town protected a black young man accused of raping a woman. Money talks in modern America, principles, honor and the truth be damned.

Here's a prediction for Jameis Winston. Sometime as an NFL player, he is going to get into trouble with women. He'll have to pay off the woman, not the deep pockets of the FSU boosters, or he'll face jail time. You think Ben Roethlisberger's first time pushing the envelop with a woman was in that bathroom? Big Ben kept his bodyguard on watch, made sure no one else was in the bathroom and locked the door. Those are not rookie moves. He walks free, and the media can report on his wedding and the birth of his children. It's all good.

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