Monday, March 3, 2014

Proof of Media's Gay Love Affair

Interesting tidbit in this blurb from The Big Lead. He opens it with the Michael Sam question and answer period. The media flocked to him like maggots on a corpse. The nugget that is mind blowing is Gil Brandt, who along with Tom Landy took player evaluation to the next level in the NFL, saying that was the biggest crowd he had ever seen. It reveals the psychotic coverage Sam is receiving to push the media's progressive narratives, but it also reveals something else. Buried in a lot of articles on Sam is that players must've played with a gay guy at one point. If that is true, then Sam being openly gay should not be a shock that creates the biggest crowds a legend in the NFL has ever seen.

1. Peyton Manning, son of Archie, golden boy quarterback who stayed an extra year in college to win a Heisman and National Title but failed to do so, nope smaller crowds.
2. Michael Vick, amazing talent who was suppose to revolutionize the quarterback position, nope smaller crowds.
3. Vince Young, amazing talent coming off of the amazing National Title game who would be the next black quarterback to revolutionize the position with some odd behavioral issues and a 6 Wonderlic, nope smaller crowds.
4. Cam Newton, who just won a Heisman and National Title and had failed classes, gotten out of stealing a laptop and had his dad arranging payoffs to play but would be the black quarterback to really revolutionize the position, nope smaller crowds.
5. Adrian Peterson, who was a major injury risk but was a guy that scouts thought could go from high school to the NFL immediately, nope.
6. Vinny Testaverde, who was benching 300 lbs at 18 and considered a Greek God when he arrived at the U of Miami and had a horrific performance in the national title game vs. Penn State, nope.

The list of incredibly interesting potential draftees at combines in the past could continue. None had the biggest crowd. A gay defensive end who will be a mid-round pick nets the biggest crowd. That says more about the media than the sport.

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