Thursday, March 20, 2014

Best Fictional Quarterback - Perfect Time to Prove Prog Bona Fides

Grantland, home of SWPL sports fans, ran a dialogue that discussed the best fictional quarterback of all time. Paul Crewe, quarterback in "The Longest Yard" played by Burt Reynolds, is only an honorable mention. He does not get any pub or discussion in different sections. Burt Reynolds played for Florida State's football team when in college. The fictional Crewe threw a realistic looking pass. He bangs the prison secretary. He gives a speech that is chill inducing, describing who that ragtag team of inmates is scoring the final touchdown for on that last play. He stays in prison to stick it to the Warden with his teammates. He'll suffer in jail for something he did not do for his team of bums stuck in jail to win. It is redemption of his soul where he does the right thing for other people and not just look out for himself. That exchange with the old prisoner about was it worth followed by the speech in the huddle is his confession. His act of contrition.

Screw that. Prove your progressive bona fides by selecting as the greatest fictional quarterback the one black guy they had to select from, Willie Beamon from "Any Given Sunday". SWPLS gotta SWPL. See we're enlightened! Fuck you, Grantland.

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