Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Media, Michael Sam and Tim Tebow

It has been quite the week watching the media treat Michael Sam like a baby panda with the courage of David facing Goliath. How else could he make that decision without the entire media complex supporting him and silencing critics as homophobic neanderthals? Let us look at some legit numbers.

Google search for "Michael Sam courageous" yields 22.7 million results.
Google search for "Tim Tebow courageous" yields 296K results.

Google search for "Michael Sam role model" yields 42.1 million results.
Google search for "Tim Tebow role model" yields 138K results.

Google search for "Michael Sam wonderful" yields 127 million results.
Google search for "Tim Tebow wonderful" yields 626K results.

To add insult to injury, Tim Tebow won multiple championships in the NCAA, so a history should have been evident in the Google searches for massive fawning articles. Tebow is out of the NFL and had the problematic trait of being openly and sincerely Christian. Michael Sam is about to enter the NFL and is now openly gay.

Google "we should accept" with the two men listed above and you will find over a billion results for Michael Sam and around 22 million for Tim Tebow. If America is a Christian nation, could someone inform the media?

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  1. Wait. How, exactly, has Tim Tebow been courageous?