Monday, February 10, 2014

Russia 2014 vs. South Africa 2010

Have you heard? The Russians do not like gays. How can we tell? They have a law that bans what they call gay propaganda. At least one gay athlete does not give a crap and calls the concerns overblown, but that will not stop the Faceborg zombies and progs from getting righteous and claiming their gay solidarity. I was called harsh for disapproving China being awarded the Olympics with all fo their human rights issues a decade ago, but these fools are up in arms over not liking gays. NBC kicked off coverage with Bob Costas mentioning the anti-gay attitudes in the first minute. NBC consistently ays phrases like, "One does not want to mix sports with politics but...", despite the fact that they are the ones making everything political. Here is a question: Where was all of this gay activism for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

South Africa has laws on the books that give gays right, but living conditions are atrocious. "Corrective raps" is a concept where men rape women to correct them of their homosexuality. Go figure, it's on the rise in South Africa. Anyone mention this in 2010? Anyone protest South Africa for this? This is the same region that thinks sex with goats or 2 year old girls will cure their HIV-AIDS, so maybe rape is a thing in South Africa. Wait, it is a crisis. South Africa has a pretty strong, dare I use a feminist's phrase, rape culture. Rape is so widespread in South Africa that rape insurance is sold and even 10% of men have claimed to have been raped by another man. HIV-AIDS is such a problem in South Africa that the South African strip club and hooker industry did not see a bump with the 2010 World Cup despite normal bumps, and no one asked if the HIV crisis was a factor.

This entire sham of a controversy is another manufactured issue by the media to distract Americans from seeing a white majority nation that has a serious take on its history and does not swallow the progressive line whole. In a sick way, it once again weakens a non-political bond by forcing a political issue into the sphere. Americans cannot be shown an alternative for two weeks. They must be told to dislike them. The 2008 Chinese Olympics were a "we're here" moment for China. The same situation will happen with Brazil and 2016. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was the first for the continent. Italso now is a lesson to any government: formally protect a group with laws while informally destroying them with foot soldiers. These Olympics were suppose to be a celebration of Russia's climb out of the Soviet and '90s muck (which America was a malicious part of). These games are being marred by the media creating another false issue so that people can once again display their progressive political badge. Right now, millions of American women can say, "I only watch figure skating, but damn those Russians for hating gays".

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