Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Michael Sam Claims One Victim

It is roughly 24 hours since his coming out, but Michael Sam has already claimed one victim. A wrestler at Kent State that has 400 followers on Twitter said queer twice and fag twice in 4 tweets. Writer for "The Big Lead" Ryan Glasspiegel called the tweets "hateful" and "homophobic". They read more like annoyed. He does not sound scared of gays. He sounds annoyed that the sports media entertainment complex has gone gaga over the Sam announcement. I hope it is the use of "fag" that got him in trouble because "queer" is an accepted term, or has the NY Times not decided on that. Still, this man with 445 followers on Twitter must perform an act of contrition before the media and gay mafia.

Check out the commenters at "The Big Lead". Basically sound like sports fans who will parrot whatever the screen with the moving pictures tells them. One commenter mentioned the irony of blacks using gay slurs, and that was downvoted by one reader (upvoted by someone you may read elsewhere). Even jokes by anonymous commenters will be shunned if not politically correct. "The Big Lead" is linked with the USA Today, which you know as the flimsy, cheap paper you see at hotels but no one outside of a hotel reads. Their editor-in-chief was a big Trayvon supporter, and another writer was a bit, uhhh, hooked on Adderall. Good site though, good job good effort. Keep shaming no name wrestlers out of their scholarship money.

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