Monday, February 10, 2014

Marcus Smart, Jonathan Martin and the Media Taking Sides

Two incidents recently reveal what exactly the sprots media entertainment complex has become in the greater picture of American scoiety and what narrative they push. Jonathan Martin's accusations of bullying and racial taunting crumbled after the revelation that he and Incognito texted each other in a friendly manner for years before Martin lost his mind and his agent leaked texts to paint Incognito as evil. Marcus Smart shoved a fan after an interaction that lasted 2 seconds, with whispers that the fan may have said something racially charged at him. The sprots media in both instances rallied around the black athlete immediately. The message is clear that America is still an evil, racist place.

Martin flipped out with the Dolphins and was a bust on the field. After a stint in a medical facility, his agent selectively leaked texts from Incognito portraying him as a bully. The media ran wild with this as Incognito was paitned as the evil, racist meathead, and Martin the angelic mixed race Stanford graduate. Neither picture is correct. Teammates defended Incognito, which made other writers stomp and harrumph over the idea of Incognito being an "honorary black man". It is not that the full text story reveals Martin and his agent are weasels. The real story is that we have created an environment where Martin's agent felt certain he could get his client a boost by going to the media with select texts. His agent needed to know that the media would already be biased to portray the white captain of the offensive line as a racist. He was right.

Marcus Smart shoved a fan after words were exchanged, and despite the rules, was not ejected. He did get a technical. Immediately, Smart used the racial remarks defense. No matter what reporter, all are now qualifying their essays on the incident by saying regardless of what was said, hinting at the evil words. Soem have taken the race accusations and run with them. Greenberg and Golic are debating whether "piece of crap" is crossing the line on theri talk show this morning. Even FORBES magazine is framing the issue as one where the possibility of a slur should absolve Smart. It is buying into the crutch that protected and designated victim groups can use. The smear on the fan sticks, and due to the mainstream media forever pushing the issue, the smear works on the gullible and taints the issue already in favor of the athlete who shoved a fan. The fan has had to release a statement saying he said "piece of crap". A responsible media should have a default setting that in 2 seconds of interaction with a front court ticket holder, the fan most likely wouldn't be dropping racial slurs in a crowd.

This is not the case. The media is incredibly biased to anything progressive. Another element at play is that access journalism pushes the media down a path of handling players like baby pandas to maintain access for later interviews, not just from the effected player but all of the players represented by that agent. ESPN knows Marcus Smart will be drafted, so they have to treat him nice to keep the access in the future. Martin's agent represents other players, so they need those sources available. These media entities are owned by parent corporations that have given immense cove for the Commander-in-Chief, who despite all failures, still gets a pass. The never-ending struggle of blacks, women and now gays will be trumpeted as if it were solving the problem of our economic decline. Hurrah for women's ski jump! Yeah for a black quarterback! Oh look, there is an openly gay football player. Don't worry. The NCAA March Madness Bracketology is coming up, and we can all be assured that President Obama will give ESPN an hour of his time.

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