Wednesday, February 12, 2014

John LeClair

One week in, I thought I'd drop this nugget of what SWPL Sports Review is. You're not going to see a sports and sports media critic like us. Deadspin used to say sports with no favors or slant, but after Will Leitch left, they chased the jock sniffing. They also split from the passionate fan view to the standard, liberal view, forever pushing the precious narrative. Most sports bloggers are cut from the same cloth, latching onto whatever new bandwagon the NY Times wants to roll out. This tiny blog is not that. This will be pushback on the tsunami of leftist garbage when we know a lot of guys watching sports just want to watch sports, not get a lesson in trans* acceptance. We'll criticize those bastards and push politically incorrect things for hopefully an audience that will laugh at work.

John LeClair is the title to this post because like our original intent of being "Right Wing Sports", John LeClair was a mean son of a bitch as a right winger on the "Legion of Doom" line and an American. I'm 99% sure his mom was a professor at Springfield College. The guy was big and would park in front of the circle, daring defensemen to make contact and knock him down. He may have cut his mullet as he aged, but he had massive mulletude. Our readers might be growing older and cutting their hair shorter, but we know when you hear some pansy reporter gushing about the acceptance bubbling underneath or chastising the machismo in NFL locker rooms, you want to say, "Shut up pencil neck, suit up and take a hit". We are desk jockeys now but imagine us standing in front of the circle, slapping the ice with our stick yelling, "Feed me Seymour, feed me".

UPDATE: Holy schnikeys commenter "pat". I just checked KSK for the first time in years. God man, it's like they got a little bit of money and sold out. My military friends used to like it since they had a vet on staff. They were raunchy yet funny as hell. The Rex Grossman "Sex Cannon" stuff was some of the funniest sportswriting ever ("F--k It I'm Going Downfield" was an instant classic). The Rex Ryan "How the f*ck ya doin' boys" posts were always fun, and Ryan would get caught on camera confirming their caricature. Their gamecasts were funny, and I would participate when bored and pre-fatherhood. This reminds me. They had a sex mailbag once that involved feminine squirting as well as men nursing on their wives who just had kids to get them off. The comments section was a goldmine for comedy. READ HERE. The comments on guys who nurse are hilarious "like an unattended fire hose". "Walter Football" scouting has slowly shifted that way as well, which is sad as he was a funny SOB with whom I used to exchange emails about college quarterbacks. Welcome aboard, and we will take leads of any kind to rant or rave. The NFL Combine is coming to town soon, so I may scout Starbucks out to corner Peter King.


  1. The kind of writing you see on sports blogs is indistinguishable from Jezebel and Gawker. Use of the passive voice, snark over argument, a bunch of wildly hysterical "Wow, Just Wow!" bullshit. It's worthless, and you sit there reading it thinking, "These are men?" Kissing Suzy Kolber, formerly a hilarious daily read with some genuinely talented, irreverent voices, now publishes some chick who shares cooking tips every week and some pussy lib lawyer (Bobby Big Wheel) who writes about slut-shaming What the fuck happened?

  2. Re: KSK, it's been sad to see Drew Magary embrace his shitlib tendencies since moving on from KSK and working at Deadspin/Gawker full time. I don't really blame him since he has a family and to make it in journalism in today's day and age you have to go full SWPL, but it's still depressing to see the guy responsible for "The Sex Cannon" and "How the Fuck Ya Doin' Boys!" writing pablum about how Chris Kluwe is the greatest hero of this or any generation.

  3. The early days of Deadspin was the golden age of internet commenting. I remember in '05 meeting Will Leitch at a deadspin meet up in DC and talking with him about the site, his salary (! - $80k/yr), and how badly I wanted commenting privileges (he gave them to me). A nice, smart dude. I was impressed.

    Those comment sections started the careers of Magary, Tunison, Ufford and others. (Matt Ufford was the Marine who ended up running Uproxx's With Leather, which was a the uber-Deadspin post of all time re: Chris Berman). Greg Wynishski and others got gigs at yahoo as Deadspin pioneered the genre of SWPL-sports enjoyment.

    Obviously things can never be the same, but it was a good time while it lasted. KSK, which started with that same group of commenters listed above, was the greatest football blog ever. Man, what a hoot.

    BTW, one of the KSK guys is Jack Kogod, who's father is Maurice Kogod, who is the son of the founder of Kogod Electric...which is DC/MD/VA institution. The American University school of business is the Kogod School of Business. Good times.

  4. Ksk was the best. With Leather made it into a Ves episode. Those Deadspin days felt underground and what the web should be. Leitch had so mjch heart in his Cards posts. It was homer writing but done well.

    If Fox Sports 1 hires Sarah Spain, I'll post my Cornell track party stories on her. Needless to say she has had work done and for a brief moment in 04-07 looked bombing.