Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jason Collins Cheerleading

Good to see the media embarrass themselves again. The media really wants to push a has been seven footer on some NBA team so they can say a new barrier was broken. The media is out to inform you that Jason Collins may sign an NBA deal before the trade deadline. You may remember Collins as a stiff who was dunked on as much as Shawn Bradley. I choose to remember him as... nothing, I did not remember his name until he came out. Let us look at two blurbs on the topic.

Bill Simmons, still doing penance for the trans* hate article, put some useless Jason Collins 10 day deal hype into his trade deadline email diary. Simmons also recently interviewed Lena Dunham. I don't think Bill asked Lena what it's like to have a gut that sticks out further than her boobs, but he should have asked it. Bill goes in lame cheerleader mode for Jason Collins with the following, "Jason Collins? Jason Collins! JASON COLLINS!!! LET’S DO THIS!!!" in response to Collins possibly being signed by the Clippers. Simmons then kicked up the pro-Collins hype with,

By the way, Doc Rivers loved Collins in Boston and claimed that Collins was one of the best people he ever coached. Also, Collins defended Dwight Howard as well as just about anyone. He’s Kendrick Perkins for one-tenth the price, only he’s smiling instead of scowling. And the advanced metrics community doesn’t break out in hives when they think about him. Sure, the thought of Donald Sterling being Jason Collins’s boss is frightening for about 243 different reasons. But I hope they sign him, anyway.

Any other 10 day deal guys getting that love from Simmons? One of the best people Doc Rivers ever coached? Yeah, what a whopper Bill. Plus, he got to knock on Sterling.

USAToday property The Big Lead blurbed how "Jason Collins is on the verge of making NBA history" because he may sign a 10 day deal. Wow, how historic. A seven foot stiff will get a bunch of DNP (did not plays) sot he NBA can say they are accepting. The Big Lead even mocked their readers with an update of the official signing (with photo), daring their readers to come up with dumb conspiracy theories in the comments.

Sports journalists wept with joy.

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  1. The homo-cheerleading is so alien and disconcerting for me. I just turned 28. I grew up boxing throughout my childhood and teenage years, my father was a strong, responsible, unabashedly masculine presence in my life, I served in the Army. I've always had strong negative feeling towards effeminate males, and by extension gay men (THAT MUST MEAN YOU'RE GAY CHRISTFAG DOUCHENOZZLE!). What kind of world is this?