Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Desperate Media Latches onto Dolphins Bullying

The racism, homophobia and sexism became problematic when texts showed the victim in the Dolphins locker room issue engaging in it right back. The media has had to walk back a lot of their accusations and smears on Incognito. They are holding onto the story to push bullying. This is pathetic, but a desperate attempt to push the anti-bullying narrative. Anti-bullying is actually anti-free speech. This might be a long term play to get the kids of today to support restricting "hate speech" and "mean talk" in the future as voters. Who defines hate speech? The left and its organs like the media, SPLC and academia.

Looking at this Dolphins situation and the NFL in general, I am having a hard time seeing this as bullying. This is bros being bros and sometimes bros get tough when a bro is slacking off. The media is so far removed from masculine environments that they do not understand how men, real men, interact with one another. Sometimes men respond to being knocked around with an "I'll show them" attitude. That isn't just fictional female characters in grrl power movies. It's in real life. The secret about Martin, like some NBA big men, is that he only is playing because of his unique height and weight combination. He does not have the Ray Lewis killer instinct and drive. He does not love the football culture and mythos like Incognito. Read their texts to see the difference in their words. Martin was big and agile, so coaches selected him to play, and he enjoyed the trappings of being a star player without doing the work. He wanted the money, fame and women, but not the work to keep them.

The other problem with pushing the bullying angle is that these men go out and pound one another every Sunday for money and glory and in practice for a starting spot and contract. Men who expose themselves to concussions and broken bones are so weak, they cannot endure taunting from teammates who have a legitimate reason to see them succeed? This is ridiculous. These men use war analogies whenever possible and within limits (Sorry Kellen Winslow II). Sports fans should pity grown 300 pound men banging hookers, pounding each other on the field and earnings millions because of some harsh words? These same fans will read how Darren Sharper, who has dated Hollywood actresses and has access to attractive women because of his fame, looks and wealth, still has an alleged penchant for raping women. Fans are getting ready for the stream of offseason arrests of the National Felons League players union members. Martin is the exception that proves the NFL criminal rule.

The media is desperate on this because they know without the racism and anti-gay bigot smears, the story has no legs. Using bullying might work on moms for teen and pre-teen concerns, but not 300 pound, 25 year old millionaires. Sports fans have called into radio shows noting that the player fraternity members vocally chastising the Dolphins are players with media jobs. Shannon Sharpe being a huge hypocrite as the man jawed on the field at any defender big or small. The media needs something to still demonize the Dolphins because if they did not, they would have to write essays on how they jumped the gun, chased a on sided tale and blew a story. The media cannot have that. If they admit error, they open themselves up to accusations of bias and horrible reporting on every story. We know that is true, but it is not open for public discussion.


  1. I loved this quote from Popeye Jones on Roy Hibbert, who is 7'2":

    "You see a lot of seven-footers," says Pacers assistant coach and former NBA power forward Popeye Jones, "who only play because they're seven feet."

    Nails Jonathan Martin perfectly. What if there is a thing that you're too smart to play football at certain positions? That you can overthink, and it leads to a lack of the killer instinct necessary to play? That you can be too philosophical?

  2. I'd entertain that overthinking idea on defensive positions which are more react and aggression. O-line is tailor made for smart guys.

    Hibbert seems to have kept that chip on his shoulder when he played great vs. Oden in the NCAA tourney and wanted teams to give him credit instead of just drool over Oden. His play against Oden got him drafted high. He's kept showing Oden up since.

  3. Saw Steeler safety Ryan Clark on ESPN talking about this. He did not like Incognito's language but supported him as a good player. Noted that he had black teammates who would lobby for Steelers to sign RI if he got cut by Fins.

    He did not buy the Martin victim angle because he thought that Martin's statements sounded like someone was "being managed."

    The press box has an agenda and part of it is making sure fans do not know what the locker room thinks.