Thursday, December 18, 2014

Progressives Not Complaining About the Heisman

The sports pages read like any other section of the paper now with the pushing of approved narratives in between box scores and game recaps. Ray Rice picked the wrong year to punch his wife. Adrian Peterson picked the wrong year to beat his kid with a switch. In another year, they would have returned to the field. In War on Women progressive hysteria, they are sitting at home, suspended without pay. We know this because there are players playing today who did far worse off the field. A common refrain in the 2000s was that the Heisman trophy had become a quarterbacks award. This peaked in 2009, as sports media was a bit worried that, gosh, it would go to Colt McCoy, quarterback of Texas. The complaints have died down. Why might that have changed? Let's take a look at winners.

Here are the quarterbacks who won the Heisman from 2000-2008. Rather than post pictures, I'll break it down by race.

white, white, white, white, white, black, white, white (dash of American Indian)

In 2009, a running back won the award, breaking the streak. A new streak started though of quarterbacks winning the award in 2010, and it is ongoing with the win last weekend by Marcus Mariota.

Here are the quarterbacks who won the Heisman from 2010 to this year. Once again, let's break it down by race.

black, black, white, black, mixed white-polynesian

Notice anything different? The media, including pre-game show hosts now do not care if the winner is a quarterback because the winning quarterbacks look a bit different. For some odd reason, the Heisman going to running backs only between 1972 and 1983 was not a problem (all blacks and one white). Starting in the '80s, the college game developed better passing offenses that put up staggering numbers, and voters took notice. A further shift has occurred where teams have transitioned more to "spread offenses". Some spread offenses are "option read" that often employ a quarterback who has the option to run but starts from a shotgun position.

In essence, they brought the old option back but in a passing formation. The option read spread offense values a different skill set than pure passing spread offenses. Quarterbacks needed to run more in these new offenses, and because of diluted defensive talent, the running quarterback is more effective in the college game. To use a progressive buzzword, these offenses are more inclusive. This allows for the "general" of the offense to look a little different and rack up amazing numbers. If their team has a tremendous season, the voters will want to reward who they think has been the key to that contender's situation. Thankfully now for progressive sports reporters, they can vote for quarterbacks without feeling any pangs of white guilt.

Monday, November 24, 2014

A New Trick for College Sports Boosters

Something weird happened in college sports off the field that no one in the sports media is bothering to follow up on or even check for reality sake. If followed up and fire is found, it would hit the holy of holies Notre Dame football hard. A teenage freshman on Notre Dame's football team went on a date with a porn performer. It hit the sports and even TMZ new cycle for a quick moment then died. I hope the guys at Yahoo Sports go after this one because uncovering booster involvement would get Notre Dame football in the sanction zone. Why do I think boosters are involved? Just circumstantial, but something is not adding up right.

Let's review the official story.

1. Woman from across the nation manages to bump into a teenage football player while traveling in his area.
2. Teenager from humble background is being recruited by major college football programs, and enrolls at Notre Dame university.
3. During the football player's fall break in college and off week from the season, the football player flies from Indiana to New York for a Knicks game with lower level seats with said porn performer.
4. Confirmation of an overnight stay in a New York hotel is known via Instagram.
5. It is just a date, and the well known porn performer has her eyes on other college players.

Sounds honest. A woman over 40, who vehemently denies ever escorting, would just treat a young man she has her eyes on from one random meeting to a date at a Knicks game, paying for flight, hotel stay and Knicks tickets. That seems legit. What if we looked at this in another way?

1. One of the top names on the most viewed porn sites in the world involved in a sleazy industry (pornography) with massive overlap with prostitution is on a teenager's wish list.
2. Teenager from a humble background is being recruited by major college football programs, a corrupt industry known for providing players with special gifts to go to a specific university.
3. Booster finds out about teen's wish and says he can make it happen since porn performer was linked with another college athlete previously.
4. During the football player's fall break in college and off week from the season, booster arranges for the football player to fly from Indiana to New York for a Knicks game with lower level seats with said porn performer.
5. Confirmation for the booster of an overnight stay and what it implies in a New York hotel is known via Instagram.

I'm not a detective. I do think it would be pretty easy to poke holes in the stories of a porn performer and a teenager who mostly can't read well. The performer involved denies escorting, but if you snoop around The Erotic Review boards, they'll mention how it can happen with her, but you need an in. On the other side, this is actually far better for a booster. A booster could in effect spend thousands of dollars that would make a recruit starstruck and it is not a direct payment. The booster could pay for everything directly or better pay the performer to cover all expenses. What would the NCAA approach the booster with? You sent money to X and X spent a night with a player is tougher to prove without exact texts, phone calls, etc. This is probably part of the reason this died down quickly. Even if a booster were involved, it is not the worst thing a booster has ever done. She is a business savvy member of that sleazy business. Her real luck was in looking like Sarah Palin at the right moment. It seems fitting if major college sports have progressed to the point where they neatly meet with adult entertainment. Young people used for physical abilities and traits that are often discarded within 5 years.
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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Chutzpah of the NY Times and NBA Commissioner

In its wisdom, the New York Times gave the commissioner of the NBA a platform to discuss the value in legalizing sports gambling. Gambling should be monitored and regulated. This is more a formalization of modern gambling, as the online gambling capabilities makes gambling all too easy. Even before the Internet, gambling was pretty easy even in small, rural Maine towns. If there is an elite desire to make it legal, it must be because the technology is now there to let large technology, media and financial syndicates run a nationwide gambling network on a massive scale. NBA commissioner Adam Silver decided to come out in favor of legalized sports gambling in today’s NYT.  This takes some huevos – he’s still part of the suit against the state of NJ to legalize sports betting in that state. I am using Twitter crank @klejdys  to help go over this piece of trash editorial for shits and giggles.  Silver's editorial is in grey, Klejdys in blue, and your blog host SOBL in red.

BETTING on professional sports is currently illegal in most of the United States outside of Nevada. I believe we need a different approach.
·         Maybe, depends on your perspective.  And if Silver’s numbers are accurate ($400bn!), there’s going to be a lot of different people w/ stakes on a potential legalization.  Who/whom, of course.  But let’s not be fooled – the claws are out for the stupid who don’t know math.  Especially if you believe, as I do, that gambling is a tax on the stupid. 

For more than two decades, the National Basketball Association has opposed the expansion of legal sports betting, as have the other major professional sports leagues in the United States. In 1992, the leagues supported the passage by Congress of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or Paspa, which generally prohibits states from authorizing sports betting.

·         There was no internet in 1992.  And no one had ever heard of an offshore sportsbook.  But if a guy wanted to get down, he had to have a guy (Vinny!) or live in Nevada.  Many people had “guys”.
But despite legal restrictions, sports betting is widespread.
·         The internet is best.  No joke.  Your local Vinny probably doesn’t think so, though, assuming he still books.  But if he does, he probably has a website, even if he just steals lines from huge offshore books like Pinnacle or Bookmaker.
It is a thriving underground business that operates free from regulation or oversight.
·         Like, duh, obviously.  That may explain its growth, choices and popularity.
Because there are few legal options available, those who wish to bet resort to illicit bookmaking operations and shady offshore websites.
·         If our government wouldn’t arrest or shut down US facing books, perhaps the dominant and reputable books would allow US customers to join.  Silver is white-knighting here.

 There is no solid data on the volume of illegal sports betting activity in the United States, but some estimate that nearly $400 billion is illegally wagered on sports each year. Times have changed since Paspa was enacted. Gambling has increasingly become a popular and accepted form of entertainment in the United States.
·         Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder was popular in 1983, Adam.He had a seat next to Irv Cross and Brent Musberger on CBS’ NFL Today for one hour before the start of NFL games.  Newspapers like Buffalo News where I grew up published not only lines on all the games of the day, but over/under totals.  In the 1980s.  This is flim-flam. Gambling has always been popular.  Only now do Silver’s bosses’ want to get their piece of it.

Most states offer lotteries. Over half of them have legal casinos. Three have approved some form of Internet gambling, with others poised to follow.
·         The government allows lotteries to separate stupid people from their money and then wraps themselves in the fig leaf of “funding education” after they do it.  Horse racing has been legal for 9 decades because the state gets a huge part of the till (15-20% generally in the “Win” pool) in the pari-mutuel betting format.  You can have gambling, you just have to cut the state, and now, NBA owners, into the profits.  This will happen.  There is too much money at stake.  We’ve established you’re all whores, now we just need to know what it’s going to cost us.

There is an obvious appetite among sports fans for a safe and legal way to wager on professional sporting events. Mainstream media outlets regularly publish sports betting lines and point spreads.

·         LOL, for like 50 years Adam.  How nice of you to notice.

·         Here is the even weirder thing about Silver's essay. He mentions maintaining the integrity of the game, but what sport has had more run ins with fixes or allegations in recent years? Basketball. Point shaving is serious business and far easier to do. Donaghy was explicit in his book and elsewhere how refs could manipulate the flow of the game or foul shots to pump up the score. What sport has the highest percentage of bankrupt former athletes? Basketball. Aging starters worried about money will make juicy targets. A 3 point specialist can have an off night and whoops, things happen. Coordination between the biggest sports books and a ref or a player is easy enough now with throwaway phones and texting, but what happens when the gambling is all legal so tracking calls has less of a cause for alarm?

Voters in New Jersey overwhelmingly voiced their support for legal sports betting in a 2011 referendum.
·         It’s the 2-5% of addicts who ruin the fun of the 95% who just want to get down on the Colts -3 v. the Pats Sunday night.  Sound like alcohol, cocaine and every other “vice” that has existed for centuries.  Someone remind Adam that the Roman guards “cast lots” for Jesus’ garments in AD 33.

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey recently signed a billauthorizing sports betting at local casinos and horse racetracks, a law the N.B.A. and other leagues have opposed — and a federal court has blocked — because it violates Paspa. Outside of the United States, sports betting and other forms of gambling are popular, widely legal and subject to regulation. In England, for example, a sports bet can be placed on a smartphone, at a stadium kiosk or even using a television remote control.
·         Stadium kiosk?  Hmmm…wonder who will get a piece of that, Adam.

In light of these domestic and global trends, the laws on sports betting should be changed.
·         Welcome to the party.  Guess the rising cost of franchises and the resultant debt to finance those purchase these teams in the “live sports bubble” means owners are now amenable to “alternative” revenue streams.  Hope you enjoy ads on jerseys, too, suckers. 

Congress should adopt a federal framework that allows states to authorize betting on professional sports, subject to strict regulatory requirements and technological safeguards.
·         You’re half right.  The federal government will fuck it up, as they do everything.  But you keep dreaming.

These requirements would include: mandatory monitoring and reporting of unusual betting-line movements; a licensing protocol to ensure betting operators are legitimate; minimum-age verification measures; geo-blocking technology to ensure betting is available only where it is legal; mechanisms to identify and exclude people with gambling problems; and education about responsible gaming.

·         You’re no fun, Adam.  Let the free market work and in five years, you’d have mom and pop shops competing with Wal-Bet for your wager.  Let the gambler have some choice and a thousand economic flowers will bloom.  Or let the gubmint run in and it will be a bunch of plutocrats siphoning money out of the pot.  Don’t worry, I know the free market has no shot here.  I am the one being delusional now, but I don’t care.  Having fedgov run this will be a disaster.  Pass it to the states at the very least. (10th Amendment, por favor?)

·         No neighbor bookie means a worse deal for gamblers. Those addicts will just have debts they will get taken to court over rather than the old way where an elderly couple sells off their home and as part of the equity check is cut, they send it to Junior to pay Mickey the bookie. Is the gain taking it out of the shadows, but the informal collection process gave someone an edge, what is the gain really? Gamblers who shirk debts, eventually get beat or find a new bookie and if they continue that pattern, they run out of bookies or get a visit from a higher up that demands a fix. Shifting gambling to a firm with the backing of JPMorganChase, YahooSports and Paypal or Apple just sounds like a recipe for disaster. Lawyers will have fun with more work.

Without a comprehensive federal solution, state measures such as New Jersey’s recent initiative will be both unlawful and bad public policy.
·         False, but whatever. 

Let me be clear:
·         When in doubt, quote POTUS before summarizing your argument
  • What if "Let me be clear" if the new pussy speak for these mandarins?

Any new approach must ensure the integrity of the game.

One of my most important responsibilities as commissioner of the N.B.A. is to protect the integrity of professional basketball and preserve public confidence in the league and our sport. I oppose any course of action that would compromise these objectives.
·         Tim. Fucking. Donaghy.  The balls on this guy.
·         I think the Jews call it chutzpah. Besides a further push to normalize gambling beyond casinos in every state and poker mania, did the NY Times think it odd to allow the NBA commissioner to speak on the subject just a few years removed from an NBA referee being busted for gambling on games? Tim Donaghy wrote a book on the NBA's shady moves, which instead of being laughed at and brushed off by the NBA was squashed from publication by Commissioner David Stern. This is the sports executive figure they used? Silver is the darling of the media right now because he slayed the Sterling dragon. At least ESPN, which defacto owns the NBA due to tv rights deals, told me that Silver is super awesome and made super smart moves to get rid of Sterling immediately, even if Sterling was declared incompetent to finalize the team sale yet he was competent enough for his vaguely "racist" comments to cause the stripping of ownership. Silver is the chosen mouthpiece for far greater economic interests.

But I believe that sports betting should be brought out of the underground and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated.

·         Of course you do.

There’s a proper solution here if you’re going to go full bore legalization and that is to let the market give the gambler the best odds by letting betting shops run their own shit.  The poseurs will give way to the best firms, consolidation will occur naturally and my guess is you’d have several well-heeled competitors competing with local joints and on-line your money.  You can’t beat that.  But my guess we’ll get a gov’t cartel, likely licensing out a few competitors to operate while they kickback a large portion of their earnings to pols and the leagues.  That cartel will offer (lazy) gamblers bad deals and force punters into still using online books who will likely be pursued by gov’t entities, putting them out of business for competing US government licensees.  If you think of it the way as “rogue” states going to gold & silver over the US dollar hegemony, you’re not too far off here. (Invade the terrorists!)  For serious gamblers, legalization might be a case of “be careful what you wish for”.  For those bad at math, have one hand on your wallet.  You’re the ones Adam Silver and his government “solutions” are coming for.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Racism Stories Sportswriters Avoid

The media loves to talk about race. Loves to only talk about it in ways that fits the official narrative. Evil whites, oppressed blacks, nonexistent Asians and Hispanics, and nothing ever changes from 1865 unless it is a good white doing something for an oppressed black (sorry Asians and Hispanics, you don't exist to journalists). Sports writers love a good race story. The great white hope (boxing), the great black hope (quarterback), why aren't there any blacks in baseball, breaking color barriers are constant stories. One story that never gets explored is "why are blacks so racist when it comes to sports".

Just in the last month, two interesting news leaks or quotes have been out there that the media is delicately handling and not taking a moment to analyze or dig deeper. This is in comparison to the deep dive of American racism from leaked Richie Incognito texts that when fully revealed, show Incognito to be not the horrible racist the media portrayed him as and hinted at Jonathan Martin's agent knowing the media would portray it one way. Rookie Nik Stauskas said, "I understand that I'm a rookie and I'm white, so people are going to attack me at all times". After the Percy Harvin trade from the Seattle Seahawks, it has leaked that some players in the Seahawks organization feel Russell Wilson isn't black enough. Keep in mind we have a black president so white he makes Bryant Gumbel look militant.

The Stauskas comments have not created a firestorm of soul searching by NBA writers. The Russell Wilson comment is not putting blacks under the microscope for the concept of black enough. Stauskas is an NBA player voicing the idea that a white will have special focus from other players. I deliberately linked to the NY Daily News article because that writer, in true liberal fashion, managed to avoid the issue of black racism entirely and turn it into a way to talk about white racism. I tip my hat to the mental gymnastics that essay forced him to perform, and the fact that he will have to wake up knowing he is a whore in the service of progressive politics not a sportswriter. How many white kids shy away from basketball due to black behavior? How many American white males over 6'6" as a percentage of population are in the NBA compared to European white males over 6'6"?

Wilson's dilemma is sad. It is partly sad due to the accusation being a slight echo of the "cornball brother" comments about RG3. RG3 was a bit conservative and had a white girlfriend that he married before knocking up. Blacks once again question the blackness of someone, not due to genetic black lineage, but due to not conforming to behavioral norms. Could a single sportswriter connect the two and maybe, just maybe, expand the idea out to the broader cultural problem of black dysfunction? Nature and nurture work to mold people, and if NFL quarterbacks will get the "you are not one of us" treatment for having white friends or being well spoken, what chance does your black friends kid have if he wants to do well in school?

These are simple questions. White kids probably do avoid some sports. It's not all of them, but at the margins. Professional sports like anything elite are a giant funnel. Fewer kids going in means not as many will come out at the end. Let's reverse this. If a liberal is going to tell you that simply the institutional legacy of slavery that ended 150 years ago can affect a modern black kid's SAT scores, why can't tribal aggression on the court influence a white kid to put the ball down? If a million dollar quarterback will get questioned about belonging, any kid can and most kids will want to belong to the crowd. Trayvon and Michael Brown both had dads in their lives, but something happened where they still felt the need to shake down convenience store owners, steal stuff at school, charge cops and/or fat neighborhood watch guys. Let's not talk about that though. Only Southern white coaches can be racist. Everyone knows that.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Royals' Cinderella Story

One of the best set ups in sports is when the dominant, powerhouse team takes on the scrappy underdog. It sucks in marginal viewers, listeners and readers. The story is easy to sell, and plays on two American loves. America loves the powerhouse colossus that destroys all, and it pretends to be a hard fighting underdog that with a little moxie and improvisation, can pull through in the end. Baseball will miss out on this with the elimination this post-season of all big market teams, but it has a Cinderella story that usually one finds only in March Madness. The Kansas City Royals are rolling through the playoffs, and everyone is loving the small market team improbably beating up bigger and better foes each round. There is one catch though. The Royals are still spending a ton of money on their roster.

In the minds of sports fans, the small market team is by definition a small television market team from a mid-tier city. The association with small market is small payroll. In baseball this contrast was best exemplified a decade or so ago as the Yankees and Red Sox bankrolled teams for more than $150 million per year, and occasionally met the Athletics or another team with a payroll half or less than half of Yankees/Red Sox levels. The Royals are not near the top of the payroll charts, but they are also right in the middle at a rather inflated payroll of $92 million. Sure, the big market teams spend more than small market teams, but the increase in spending by smaller teams is large. Just this year, all but two teams spent $77 million or more on payroll. That is far different than ten years ago when there was a greater spread in spending. If the Royals are a have not, they are a free spending have not. A key thing from the link on the Royals spending is that they are breaking even with this high payroll despite a poor television deal and an increase in attendance but still not a maximum capacity attendance situation. They probably even have room to increase ticket prices if they wanted to for next year. They can spend this much and still survive.

This is good for the game, and most likely the outcome of better regional television contracts and the league's revenue sharing. Baseball has changed the revenue sharing with time and added a luxury tax. It is not the hard cap of the NFL or the silly, somewhat non-existent cap of the NBA, but it must be doing the trick for teams if Baltimore, St. Louis and Kansas City can all break even or make money with payrolls above $90 million that a few years ago would've been considered rich. The more amazing thing with baseball salaries is that despite overall inflation of the roster totals, the top earners are not signing ridiculous contracts compared to the A-Rod deals of years ago. Kansas City is still the Cinderella. Those powder blue uniforms look pretty on-screen, and Kaufmann Stadium is a beautiful park as well. Even though I am a Baltimore Orioles fan, I will pull for the Royals if they do make it to the World Series. Nearly nine figure payroll or not, I hope this Cinderella story has a few more pages to it.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sports Exception that Proves the Rules

Oh Lordy, the media is gushing about the wicked awesome pitcher at the Little League World Series you just have to watch. Of course you will remember her name forever! Mo'ne! I can't imagine why the sports media is going nuts about her. She was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Why?

Black, female and who knows maybe she already is a lesbian. That is progressive media BINGO right there. Kind of reminds me of the jokes comics and sportscasters made about the Danny Almonte kid and his city team scaring the little white or foreign kids on other teams. Almonte was a 14 year old who competed as a 12 year old. If you know male growth patterns, you know 14 vs. 12 is a large difference, so his team illegally beat good team after good team because every other game they had a 14 year old, only to lose in the finals to the foreign team because he couldn't pitch due to the "every other game" rule. It was "cool" though watching the city kids win per the media, whereas the Taiwanese teams that used 14 year olds in different years were dirty cheaters. Before the advent of widespread Little League softball programs, it was common to see one girl play in a Little League and occasionally one make it to an All-Star team. Hey, the media has to use the exception to prove nature's rules.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grantland SWPL Signals

Grantland sucks because you know it has the potential to be awesome but it is a circle jerk of progressive, SWPL status signaling. "Long form sports journalism skewed towards a younger crowd." That could be awesome. "Sports stories written for poseurs, SWPLs and people who hate sports." Not awesome. I like to criticize them and snipe at them on Twitter. It becomes comical how they respond, and the quick reaction to nut-job if you point out something obvious like "Hey, no one cares about the black secretary on Mad Men except you. Stop it SWPL." It might be a weekly contest as to who can out-SWPL who. They kicked it up a notch with "Best Sports Movie Villain of All Time".

Quickly in paragraph three, you get a snarky comment citing Hollywood's racism "tries to save the youths of black America by giving them pizza and letting them listen to rap while they play baseball because I guess black people aren’t any good at baseball unless they can listen to rap while they play it". It was probably to have rap music in the movie and on the soundtrack to appeal to black viewers since it was about a whitish guy helping black kids overcome inner-city struggles through sports (SWPL heaven). They have to signal they are on the right side of history. You already know where this is ending don't you.

Best line goes to Ivan Drago for "if he dies, he dies" or "I must break you". Amazing villain lines from an evil Commie boxer. We're doing OK. Best villain monologue somehow shoehorns a Lebowski mention. This is SWPL terrible. Best villain who could turn good is a discussion of Drago (again, how memorable!) and the guy from Mighty Ducks 2. Worst villain to possibly turn it around, I quote, "Racism in Remember the Titans. There’s no hope". They don't really mention another. Signal with claxon alarms. Was not the entire movie about overcoming racism through football? You mean there is no villain in any sports movie that they could discuss as horribly unredeemable? The bad guy in Karate Kid 3, Shelly Marcone in The Last Boy Scout, or any asshole in any sports film? Heinous Acts involves a Kickboxer film. Worst ideological beliefs mention the Nazis in Victory (easy and.... the neo-nazis in Higher Learning. Wait, sports films. That was not a sports film. It was a college film or John Singleton masturbation sequence. Really SWPLs at Grantland? They finish things with best feud and best/worst looking villain where we get some homoeroticism thrown in and anti-Asian writing. Maybe Nic Cage is onto something.

Like all modern clickbait internet media, they get to "the list". It's Grantland. It's SWPL Sports. It's a "best" list. Of course number one is a non-sports character played by Tupac Shakur. Grantland is doing a good job of trying to push the idea that Tupac was a good actor. He plays a drug dealer. These closet cases call him devastatingly handsome. Greatest villain no way associated with playing a sport in a sports movie would be "Milo" in The Last Boy Scout. This is about SWPL cred, which is the only kind of cred that matters. It's about selecting a non-athlete character as the best villain in a movie genre about athletic competition. It's about signaling how goddamn progressive you are in every, single thing you do.

For the record...

5. The Warden from the original "The Longest Yard" - He nails the corrupt, Southern prison warden obsessed enough with football to threaten jail time to win big. Doesn't nail the accent, but you hate him.
4. Apollo Creed - Nice film version of Ali. Charismatic and condescending enough to get you behind the palooka underdog Rocky. His turn as a good guy makes his death in Rocky 4 so startling, well, to little kids who saw it in the theater.
3. Johnny Lawrence - I should have typed Cobra Kai, the dojo he trained in, which was run by an ex-Vietnam Vet from the special forces. Their slogan "no mercy" was once used by a Little League All Star team I played against. His minions were hysterical. Lawrence was the perfect '80s teen villain and even cheats at the end, making you hate him more.
2. Clubber Lang - He was Mike Tyson before there was a Mike Tyson. His lines, "Prediction? Pain", or "I'm gonna crucify him... real bad", and "hey woman hey woman...". He is an asshole to everyone. He kills Mickey. He trains in an old, dank looking gym. He was so memorable that they Mr. T into the A-Team. He also was believable as a boxer.
1. Ivan Drago -  Sports movies are usually team sports movies so it is hard to have a villain as we want to build drama between two people: one good and one bad. Even in team movies, focus can slide to the coaches to have the duel. Ivan Drago in 1985 was a perfect phony villain from the USSR. He kills Apollo Creed in an exhibition. He has great lines. He is a portrayed as a machine. A product of the science behind the Iron Curtain that we knew had been juicing athletes. It was the Cold War.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Soccer Will Grow Its Niche in America

Soccer is a niche sport in America. Always will be. That is okay because outside football, all sports are niche sports. College will always draw some fans from supporting the professionals because "it's not about the money" cliches. The size of the niche is what matters. Soccer can progress to a spot higher than even hockey and basketball. Baseball has a middle to upper white-asian and all hispanics niche. Basketball is a blacks and very few whites niche. Hockey is for whites on northern states. Tennis and golf are for upper middle and higher class Americans. Soccer can ride a nice wave to a larger niche.

If trends continue changes in American demographics will help soccer. A larger hispanic population will create new soccer viewers. Unlike the Democrats, soccer's hope is not all on hispanic wombs. Soccer can benefit from the current media scare about football related head injuries. Middle class white moms can guide their tots towards soccer and not football. Like all competitive endeavours, pro sports are a giant funnel with filters. More bodies helps regardless. The other benefit is a weird one. Soccer is a low equipment cost but large space needed sport. The suburbs and rural areas that are mostly white and hispanic and may soonbe filled with poor people will be fertile ground for soccer.

The massive draw for strategizing parents is that soccer stars do not look roided up nor are 300 pounds nor all over six feet tall. The premium for height in the NBA eliminates millions. Kid is not going to be 300 pounds? Forget being a lineman in football. A shorter guy like Lionel Messi or Wayne Rooney can be a megastar. Allen Iverson was short for the NBA, and he was still 6'0". These soccer players are gifted natural athletes but look human and are immensely skilled. It is appealing to parents and to fans. How many fans talk quietly about how X player wouldn't be on the court if he was not 7 feet tall or ran a 4.4 40? Plenty. Does that happen in soccer?

The fan piece gets a bump from normal looking players. The other big fan piece that never was a factor in decades of old is each match is ninety minutes without commercials. Modern sports have so many commercials that it is annoying and breaks up the game (baseball excluded because inning breaks). Soccer is commercial-less, which is appealing. There are no viagra advertisements to roll your eyes at nor truck ads to break up the game itself.

Trends have to hold, but the trends look good for soccer. Soccer is a darling of the SWPL set, so any growth will be trumpeted. The NHL sells more tickets to games than the NBA, but ESPN/ABC paid big money for NBA playoff broadcasting rights so you will never hear about it. Soccer may have a slow path to a perch in the basketball-hockey realm, but it's destiny is there. With the World Cup, soccer has an Olympics style plug every four years. Given a global promotional vehicle like that, the mandarins of marketing and American soccer can carve out a space in the American entertainment sphere for the game that thinks it should be called football.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NCAA Coaches Deserve to be Top Paid Public Employees

"Look at me! I'm on a soap box! College coaches of silly sports are the top paid public employees in a vast majority of states! What a sick society! Let me preen in my SWPL righteousness. I care about important things." That is your average non-sports fans whining about college coach pay. It's not the coaches. It is that amateur football and men's basketball are gigantic tax free money making machines for the universities.

Name me another employee in any state government that has as great of a return on investment as Alabama football coach Nick Saban? Alabama's football team is worth +/- $100 million dollars. Each time Alabama has made a BCS bowl game, it has earned his conference over $15 million, $30 for the last championship game they went to. Sell out home games non-stop. Who else is doing that? Governor? DMV division head? What state employee compares? No one creates value in government jobs as they are all a transfer of wealth from taxpayers to tax takers. Hiring Nick Saban boosted Alabama's bottom line, and has been the best invested they ever made. Even mid-tier big conference football programs see good returns like Iowa and Kirk Ferentz. He earns $3.65 million per year, but the last BCS bowl game nearly paid for the extension itself.

Forget college professors. A STEM professor could bring in grants, but not the year after year return a successful coach can earn for a school. What do college professors do for their money and tenure? My cousin in a tenure track position teaches two courses and must get at least 3 articles in a peer reviewed journal. That is eight hours of teaching, with specific books required by the department head, a few office hours, hours grading papers, and then writing her articles. Wow, wicked tough. Make her a millionaire. Look at that map again. The northeast has non-coaching jobs as the highest paid government employees because their state school sports programs are awful (notice Connecticut with UConn basketball is the exception).

Big time college sports is a sick system. It also earns billions. Those billions keep all the crappy sports in business. I would rather see major sports programs clean up who they recruit (no rapists for starters) and properly deal with criminal athletes rather than cover for them. Additional hypocrisy is the nation bitching about Marxist professors who do not teach anything right, state governments being corrupt, inefficient leviathans and the entire university system being a racket yet pointing and shouting about coach salaries. Grandstanding about coaches earning millions might make you feel good with your SWPL friends on social media, but think it through next time before regurgitating the colorful graphic.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Michael Sam Can't Lose

Courage. Courage is defined in our negative society as a gay football player coming out of the closet in a set up arranged by his handlers and the sports media right before the NFL combine, being praised in the sports media for it effusively, having anyone who even hints at your life or actions sent to the Gulag and fined, having the President congratulate you personally for being drafted at the very end of the NFL draft and now, getting a reality show, sorry, documentary for Oprah Winfrey's network OWN made to track your climb into the NFL. Courage is when a teen has to figure out when to tell his or her parents they are gay. My guess is that if a parent disapproves, the media is not there to shame them and then have them fined or fired by their boss. Michael Sam was a crafty guy with coming out, using the sports media and the cache to toy with teams. Sam is not a dummy. He knows he cannot lose.

1. If Michael Sam proves his doubters and haters wrong, he plays for a decade and earns good money while being a real life spokesman for gays. Book for great money and lifetime of speaking gigs. Win
2. If Michael Sam proves his doubters and haters right and washes out immediately, he will be able to whine about the NFL culture not helping him, the pressure of being the 1st g@y NFL player or the circus of it all. Michael Sam will write a book for good money and make the speaking gig circuit. It does not matter if it is a small college, their gay-straight alliance will want him, and that still pays cash. Win.
3. If Michael Sam plays a few seasons of meh play, copy the washout path but throw in some sports talk gig since he will be a special case (gay) and he actually played with the big boys! Win.
4. If Michael Sam gets injured and retires young, he can do all of the book and speaking tours with the added bonus of blaming his poor career on an injury. Win.

Sam has already whined that he should have been taken higher, using the gay excuse. Another first team All-American, Jackson Jeffcoat, was not drafted at all. Prove it on the field. What Sam has that no other 7th round draft pick has to fall back on is a special little tag (1st gay) that he gets to carry all his life for praise and rewards from progressive institutions. He has OWN following him with cameras, which he will be compensated for handsomely. No other rookie is getting that. Darn, those Christians will no accept him and those mean homophobes (lurking in the shadows avoiding fines and firings), but they do not run America's colleges, America's media and America's HR and sales departments who hire guest speakers for functions. Whatever path he takes, Michael Sam can't lose.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

What Would the Clippers Cost? $2 Billion

Seems that the NBA is moving as hard as they can to force Donald Sterling to sell his Clippers. Will Sterling fight it? The man fought civil rights lawsuits with glee in the courts. Imagining him defending his Clippers ownership in the waning years of his life is easy. Anyone else find it odd that brand new commissioner Adam Silver in the first 90 days on the job gets to take down the despicable yet longest tenured owner in the NBA? It is like Sterling had enough dirty laundry on David Stern (1985 NBA draft fix), but nothing on new guy Silver. Say Sterling relents, and goes without a fight. Even if the owners do not realize the horrible precedent they would set, they would all jump at the chance to see the Clippers sold and all franchises valuations reset. Steve Sailer has been all over this, yet he throws out the number $1 billion for a cost. If the Clippers sell, they will cost $2 billion.

Before delving into this, a moment on the stupidity of this. Stiviano is now allegedly under investigation for extorting Sterling. Good thing the NBA wrapped up their investigation in 48 hours and threw a ban at Sterling, which ESPN applauded at every opportunity. No one questioned it on ESPN. I hope Sterling fights them and for one added reason. For thirty years the NBA and the sports media have openly dumped on his ownership. Yes, Sterling has mismanaged it. Sterling also allowed Elgin Baylor to be the most inept general manager in professional sports years before other teams had black executives. Some of the Clippers woes were bad luck like Danny Manning becoming healthy after he left the team and wunderkind draft pick Shaun Livingston, who some compared to Magic Johnson for a point guard, blew out both knees before age 24. Sterling finally has some luck go his way, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin staying healthy, and finally has a sexy franchise, and the league goes right after him to take it away. I hope he torches the league.

Going back to my NBA franchise sales bubble top post, buried in Simmons' Grantland article, he specifically mentions that it would take $1.7 billion for Sterling to string you along if you wanted to buy the Clippers from him. That means $1.7 billion is the starting point. Simmons is a shill for the NBA, and on the NBA's broadcast pre/post-game show. The NBA has a couple months to lean on Sterling, and if he relents, we will know by June that he is selling. Oprah has expressed interest in buying the team (obviously with a team of owners), Magic fronts for Michael Milken, and who knows who else would come out of the woodwork. My money would be on Eli Broad coming out of nowhere to be a key, clean piece to another LA ownership group, which the league could support and stay clear of allegations Magic manipulated this situation. A smart ownership group would do what the Miami Dolphins did where there is the majority owner, but he offered celebrities in Miami a piece of the Dolphins to call themselves owners and add cache to the game experience (same as Jay-Z did for seven years with the Nets). It would be an LA franchise, so an ownership group could collect $1 million per celebrity and create the Lakers' "celebs at the game" effect within the ownership group. They are not just fans, they part of the franchise!

The Magic-Milken group overpaid for the Dodgers so if they have serious bidding competition, competitive juices will most likely make them go to extremes. There is a wild card. Say June arrives and Sterling agrees to sell to the highest bidder. Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Lebron James all become free agents this summer (due to age, Wade may not opt out of his deal). Might need a sign and trade to make it work. What happens to the bidding process when one of those three, especially Lebron and Carmelo, say, "I never would've considered the Clips, but with Sterling gone, I may sign there". An LA franchise now is not just an LA franchise but an LA franchise that may add one of those guys. If Bill Simmons can back of the envelop estimate that Lebron is worth half a billion to a franchise, then if $1.7 billion was what it would take to get Sterling interested, then $2.2 billion is the possible upside. Rename the franchise (LA Stars), which will remove the Clippers-Sterling stink and force people to buy new merchandise. Lots of immediate money making potential.

This scenario assumes Sterling is not fighting this to his death bed. Criticize David Stern all you want, but there is no way he would have allowed this to mushroom the way it did. Stern would have called his sources with the LA Times and told them to nip it, kind of like how they spiked former gambling referee Tim "the game is rigged" Donaghy's book deal. Stern would have called Magic and said, "Look, Magic, stop woofing or your HIV will act up, do not elevate this by calling for Sterling's franchise publicly". Stern would have said the league would look into it, but in the meantime enjoy the amazing playoffs. Stern would have kept the focus on the game, and let the outrage cycle (already lower due to his intervention) play out. This would have blown over, and most likely, Sterling would have announced he was stepping down from operations and handed it off to one of his two surviving adult children. Reality is different. What we are left with is a greedy set of owners eyeing higher franchise values, a shady criminal mistress, a sleazy octogenarian billionaire, hungry ex-financial felons and HIV infected potential owners, the racial grievance industry and a media that loves to hype faux crises. I hope Donald Sterling fights this to his dying day because our entertainment and the media that provides and pimps it deserves to be dragged through the mud for all they have done. If he loses his fight, Sterling will demand a hefty payday. Fight or no fight, the Clippers will cost $2 billion.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sterling, Incognito and the Management of Black Emotional Constipation

Someone gets in a jam. It is a jam of their making, but a tough jam that may involve losing money. That someone is part of a media approved group. That someone has interactions with a well known ne'er do well from an group that is commonly portrayed as the bad guy in the media's racial narrative of America. Selective snippets of communication are released that could be construed as racist. Some lines are what polite society would say mean talk or talking like a jerk. The media paints the ne'er do well as a racist jerk, the outrage cycle starts and suddenly the designated aggressor is hit financially and becomes a social pariah. He spends a week as the news cycle's enemy number one. Useful enough to distract everyone from our continuing economic and social decline. That is a quick summation of Donald Sterling's current Tom Wolfe novel that Steve Sailer has been all over with great insight. Mixed race cutie is open minded, unlike the evil, octogenarian billionaire Jewish racist. It's a soap opera since there is no crime so it cannot be a Law and Order.

It's also the same thing Richie Incognito went through last fall.This is how predictable and automatic the media fueled politically correct, race, gender or homosexual game is today. These victims are guided by a lawyer (Stiviano) or an agent (Martin) into covering for a problem by creating a circus that fits the media's narrative, making them a victim. Martin had checked into a mental clinic and was being pushed around by his teammates and coaches. Stiviano was the defendant in a lawsuit by Sterling's wife about her receiving gifts from the Sterling community pot. That pot has to be nice since the Sterlings have quite the marriage arrangement (old school loveless pre-no fault divorce tolerance of one another). Sterling and Richie Incognito both had reputations as jerks. They both fell prey to selective revelations. Sterling comes across as a jerk, but just how bad were his statements? There is an irony to Sterling having a half-black mistress, being okay if they both are in pictures with blacks, but his territorial behavior is the evil, horrible racist statement of the week. It's Selma all over again. Once all texts were released, Incognito's statements turned out to be back and forth with a teammate he cared about dearly. Context matters, but not in the rush of the modern news cycle. Even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's eloquent essay on the witch hunt mentions the bubbling up of racism still, as if it will ever be stopped. Kareem does not pause to wonder behind the scenes on the situation or even if Sterling was saying anything worse than the jocks running up and down the court calling each other "faggot". If we can mic up players for NBA games, can we mic them up and attach an electrode to shock them when they violate PC speech? Players and progressives should be careful what they wish for and where it may lead.

This is the game. As long as our media is sovereign and is not held accountable for their bungling of stories or blatant skewing of situations like the Incognito or even the Zimmerman-Trayvon incident, we will not see change. The progressives will no change them, so it might take some real moneyed interests to feel the wrath of witch hunts to get things to change. Not to take their side, but maybe these generated outrages and witch hunts serve a purpose for the progressive elite besides hurting enemies or economic gain. A black youth shoots and kills another black youth over a new pair of Nikes around Christmas and blacks will type in comment sections "SMH" (shaking my head). Every half hour a person is murdered in America, and with half of all homicide victims and perpetrators being black, that means one an hour dies to elicit a "SMH". Rape a four year old? SMH. Break in and rob an elderly couple and rape an elderly lady? SMH. Donald Sterling says some questionable things, Paula Deen is accused of using racial slurs decades earlier, or some random teens in Jena, LA get into a sticky situation, and the black community unleashes their vitriol.
What if because blacks are the perfect Democrats (+90% D voters, higher utilization rates for government services, help control cities, would vote for a sex offender with 80% support), but they are caught in a trap? There can be little to no real talk, as witnessed by the reaction to Cosby's poundcake speech or the Mayor Nutting of Philadelphia's jabs at the flash mobsters. Blacks are victims of crime at high rates in the highest crime neighborhoods in America (other blacks are the perps), but to draw attention to it becomes a problem since it plays into law and order conservative talk. The breakdown of the black family can be delicately discussed and framed in specific ways by approved liberals, but to probe why blacks have an illegitimacy rate of 72% in an era of free birth control and abortion on demand is impolite. What if blacks are so emotionally and spiritually constipated with their current state that these ridiculous witch hunts overreactions are a way to keep them sane, channeling their anger and frustration to useless outlets? Best they spew hate and anger out at figureheads over silly and ever changing interpretations of witch racist rather than have them look around and see the utter ruin in which they live. The mandarins at the helm of our progressive institutions would not want that awakening. The media will cue up another witch hunt when the food stamp rate passes 65%.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Bubble Tops - Buying an NBA Team

It is easy to take shots at Bill Simmons and Grantland. With Simmons specifically, it is what he is capable of writing versus what he often writes. He is also a well paid employee of ESPN/ABC, which also indirectly owns the NBA through its television deal. His column last week on buying NBA teams to be part of the world's most exclusive club was idiotic to anyone with any knowledge of money and the ownership selection process. His framing of the story is because he is a paid promoter of the NBA product and his audience is not entirely basketball fans, so he's reaching out for new viewers. Even digging into the idea, crappy NBA teams going for record deals is a sign of a money bubble near a top.

Simmons is an NBA fan with a masterful book on the NBA on his resume. He even pimped the game when it was at a nadir, and no one on ESPN was enthusiastic about the game. Simmons' own readers mock his slavish devotion to the NBA. Fortunately, ABC/ESPN bought into the NBA with a television deal, and his pimping of the game has been useful. He spent this entire February not talking or writing about the Super Bowl, the Seahawks, Pete Carroll's vindication, the Manning flameout, NCAA basketball or anything else besides the NBA. Pimp the NBA enough, and a sliver of his viewers might watch more playoff games on ABC/ESPN. His claim the NBA's ownership circle is the most exclusive is a joke in itself as Mark Cuban has owned the Dallas Mavericks for over a decade, running it extremely well, while Major League Baseball has repeatedly denied Cuban the chance to own an MLB team (Dodgers, Cubs, Rangers). The NBA had to find a Russian billionaire with a shady past to buy the Nets and only with the promise he could move the team to Brooklyn.

Simmons mentions legit reason for people wanting to buy a team like the new collective bargaining deal and coming media deal, but he does not dig into the mechanics of other reasons. Why did the Dodgers go for $2 billion? What about purchasing cost depreciation and salary depreciation? Simmons will tell his readers these teams are a sideshow for owners but the prestige is so awesome, but he will not explain how they financially help an ownership group in their financial bookkeeping. When a team is bought, 100% of the purchasing price can be depreciated over fifteen years. Other sources said 50% depreciation of tangible assets over 5 years and 100% of salaries over 15 years, but those might be the old rules. This is on top of considering the player salaries as a business expense. Teams can turn big revenue years into small revenue years and low revenue years into losses. Those losses then can be applied to an owners other income. Yes, the 1% use tax loopholes to keep more loot and the IRS rolls over and shows its belly rather than play tough.

It should come as no shock that in the last two sales (the Warriors and Bucks) a hedge fund and private equity maven has been one of the leaders of the purchasing group. These guys have been enjoying the wonders of the latest bubble (the Bernanke Bubble). What better way to hide income from bubble gains than a giant capital investment with huge depreciation allowances and low current revenue? This is where gains for the 1% of the 1% go, baubles. Only their baubles are sports franchises that leech off of municipalities for stadium deals and subsidization. To his credit, Simmons does mention the leagues that hold municipalities hostage by threatening to leave. If I were a big city mayor, I would call their bluff. Simmons and Grantland will not go into those specifics because they are not paid to explain the whys of the sport or business, only push the idea that the NBA is fannnnnntastic.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jameis Winston's Troubling Behavior

Per the NY Times, a second woman sought counseling after a sexual encounter with Winston. A second? What? The Times does a nice job of giving a rundown of the night the attack that the media spotlighted happened. Alcohol, a woman going home with guys she did not know well but knew were on the football team, and rough sex that is in that "he said-she said" grey area. The NY Times buries it but does reveal it was a white woman (2nd woman was supposedly black). Considering the payouts of BCS appearances, the home ticket sales, the jersey sales, and countless other tax free revenue for the school, is anyone really surprised that FSU and the local authorities did not handle the investigation in the best manner? Shhhh, don't think about it. For all the media hand wringing over racism, no one is mentioning how a Southern town protected a black young man accused of raping a woman. Money talks in modern America, principles, honor and the truth be damned.

Here's a prediction for Jameis Winston. Sometime as an NFL player, he is going to get into trouble with women. He'll have to pay off the woman, not the deep pockets of the FSU boosters, or he'll face jail time. You think Ben Roethlisberger's first time pushing the envelop with a woman was in that bathroom? Big Ben kept his bodyguard on watch, made sure no one else was in the bathroom and locked the door. Those are not rookie moves. He walks free, and the media can report on his wedding and the birth of his children. It's all good.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Grant Hill Explains Why Duke is Hated

Grant Hill's rationale for why Duke is disliked is that they had a lot of "really good white players". The media will yawn at this anti-white behavior as well as Hill's comment that it was a white on white thing that he did not understand. Combine this with Jalen Rose's comments that Duke recruited blacks from stable homes, which was why he hated them, and you can see we live in a society where fans will hate athletes will decent backgrounds and cheer the criminals that walk their campuses. I am sure the media will spotlight some anti-gay remark made in East Gish, Missouri or a black kid who feels "sad" and not loved because the white kids in Monatana are not smiling at him 100% of the time. Any discussion of Hill's statements? No.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Best Fictional Quarterback - Perfect Time to Prove Prog Bona Fides

Grantland, home of SWPL sports fans, ran a dialogue that discussed the best fictional quarterback of all time. Paul Crewe, quarterback in "The Longest Yard" played by Burt Reynolds, is only an honorable mention. He does not get any pub or discussion in different sections. Burt Reynolds played for Florida State's football team when in college. The fictional Crewe threw a realistic looking pass. He bangs the prison secretary. He gives a speech that is chill inducing, describing who that ragtag team of inmates is scoring the final touchdown for on that last play. He stays in prison to stick it to the Warden with his teammates. He'll suffer in jail for something he did not do for his team of bums stuck in jail to win. It is redemption of his soul where he does the right thing for other people and not just look out for himself. That exchange with the old prisoner about was it worth followed by the speech in the huddle is his confession. His act of contrition.

Screw that. Prove your progressive bona fides by selecting as the greatest fictional quarterback the one black guy they had to select from, Willie Beamon from "Any Given Sunday". SWPLS gotta SWPL. See we're enlightened! Fuck you, Grantland.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Incestuous Rapist or NCAA Linebacker

I grew up a sports fan in a sports family. My dad is a baseball coaching savant and has a smooth jump shot on the hard court. Despite growing up before the feminist fight for women's sports, my mom was a speed skater. We watched sports as a family. We did not really pay attention to how the sports sausage was made. Easier to hide the rot even twenty years ago, but the quality of athletes seems to have tracked with the general problem of technology masking social decay. Training, media management and steroids cover for psychotic rapists and criminals roaming the field. The NCAA celebrated national signing day in early February. That is when sports media writers and scouts evaluate the recruiting classes of teenagers for college football programs with puddles of drool forming on their keyboards. Just a couple of weeks after this year's signing day, a nationally ranked football recruit was arrested for felony sex charges. The sports media complex is not using this as a way to discuss the greater issue of the NCAA system being a sick system of corruption and exploitation to earn tax free money to universities.

It is a bizarre case. Shareif Rhaheed-Muhammad is a three star recruit and was arrested for felony charges involving sexual contact with his cousin that allegedly started when the cousin was just eleven. His scholarship offer is still valid. The child conceived from the sexual contact was aborted. DNA testing shows a likelihood above 99% that the child is the athlete's. The athlete's lawyer cited the university as waiting for the judicial system to work its way through the case before making a decision on his scholarship. Are they waiting for a booster to cough up the money to get the girl's parents to drop the charges? I can just see Coach Bobby Petrino looking through the online database for a wealthy booster who needs an ego boost for saving the program's recruit. Booster could even meet the young man he'd be helping come next season.

Molestation or rape. Incest. Prized recruit. This would be a pretty good story to spotlight on ESPN for the dysfunction of modern athletes and Petrino leaving the scholarship offer on the table could be framed as the rot and corruption of the NCAA. ESPN cannot do it because they have so many deals with the NCAA for broadcasting games, compromising their stance as a sports reporting entity but not a sports entertainment provider. Maybe Yahoo Sports could run an expose. The recruit was praised highly by Rivals scouting, garnering a three star label. He was recruited by major programs and signed with Louisville. Nothing about his personality tip anyone off to his other behavior? These coaches talk about knowing kids so deeply when they recruit and later, foster them through their programs. Tackling this would allow the media to explain how it comes down to "can you play" and nothing else. The media takes shots at the ridiculous rules of the NCAA with regards to players or the high salaries of coaches, but oddly enough, player misbehavior gets little attention.

To paraphrase Matthew Modine in And the Band Played On:

"How many raped college girls do you need? How many crimes on campus? How many rapes must be reported to make it cost efficient for you people to do something about it? A hundred? A thousand? Give us a number so we won't annoy you again until the amount of money you begin spending on lawsuits make it more profitable for you to recruit with an eye on crime and not just their 40 time."

This recruit is not the only instance nor the most ridiculous of examples. It is just the reported case for this Winter. A few years ago, Chris Carter signed with Ohio State University for football at the same time that he was arrested for fondling fourteen and fifteen year old girls in dark rooms at his school. The police had a notebook of Carter's in their possession which listed the girls and corresponded with who complained. It's only a 300+ pound 6 foot 4, 17 year old fondling younger, smaller girls in dark rooms, right? Nothing to worry about from a character standpoint. Ohio State kept his scholarship offer on the table. Charges were dropped. He plays for them now. Hopefully, Carter has not raped anyone since arriving in Columbus. Entire books have been written about these criminals and predators... and the institutions that coddle and enable them. Scoreboard, Baby might be in Amazon's top #100 list for football book sales, but tell me when a major media outlet has ever mentioned it?

Few who matter care though, and even with fans, many do not care. Checking out a University of Louisville sports fan website, the reactions are split into three camps. There is the camp that does not want Rhaheed-Muhammad to enroll at Louisville. There is the camp that wants to forgive him of this mistake (mistakes: breaking windows, stealing candy, molests 11 year old cousin). That is not a mistake. That's a deleted scene from Flowers in the Attic. There is also a large contingent of commenters who type (to paraphrase), "This is the system, who cares" or "I was 17 banging 14 year olds". Forget standards! Everyone does it. Notre Dame kept the identity of a player accused of raping a girl who later killed herself a secret until he revealed it this year at the NFL Combine. I'm sure the Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of rape would have gladly paid for the same identity protection from Duke. I also do not recall fans giving them a defense of any kind on website. Pro tip: play for revenue generating college teams to get cover from idiot fans. Regardless of the institution of Duke University or Louisville fans, the national media is awfully silent on a case that could be a teachable moment on the high rates of sexual abuse in the black community.

That last bit touches at something deeper in the system. The media cannot investigate deeper on these crimes, which has an overrepresentation of black offenders. The media selects the news items to blow up by seeing if they fit their agenda. They are also compromised from wanting to change the system. The media makes big bucks on sports along with the NCAA. Sports programming will eventually be the last television programming that can say viewers watch live and will see the paid advertisements. Think about the media's choice of attack on the NCAA system. Player pay is just slicing away a small scrap of the money. Coaches getting paid "insane" salaries is just an argument about splitting the spoils. Nick Saban's annual salary is a great investment to get the BCS bowl payouts that he has earned the school. The media will not touch the product. The system simply believes faster, bigger and more like the NFL is what gets viewers and sells tickets. Don't touch the money printing machine, no matter how lowly the program. This is our circus. These are our gladiator games. Roman society probably had citizens who hated the coliseum, but they had enough citizens who wanted to see the blood sport, feel a thrill and shout for more. It's not murder in a coliseum but crime on campus. The games are different but the feelings are the same.